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Mike Flynn Agrees To Testify In Trump-Russia Investigation If Granted Immunity
Former Trump National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn has offered to testify before the FBI and congressional committee investigating Trump-Russia inquiry in exchange for immunity.      The former NatSec through his lawyer, Robert Kelner said that he had a story to tell, but he wants immunity assurances before telling his story. In a statement by Robert, he wrote;
Russia Actively Meddling With France Election
Russia is reported to be meddling with the French election, just like it did with the US election. US Senate Intelligence chief, Senator Richard Burr reveal the latest attack by the Putin government, who has been strongly tied with meddling with the election that made Donald Trump the US president.                     Richard said;
US Diplomat Arrested For Taking Bribe To Sell US Secrets
Candace Marie Claiborne, 60, US diplomat allegedly charged with taking thousands of dollars in cash and gifts from Chinese intelligence officials have been charged for lying to investigators about her contact. The Department of Justice said that Candace knew the money that was given to her by the men was for trading US secrets, because the men were security officials of the Chinese government. She took cash given to her and a new iPhone, and also shared some of the loot with an unidentified man she stayed with in Beijing and Shanghai.
21 Year Old Iranian Sentenced To Death For "Insulting Islam" On Messenger App
For "Insulting Islam" Sina Dehghan, a 21-year-old man will not be given the second chance in life, instead a court has asked that the man's life be taken away from him. Sina was arrested by security forces on October 21, 2015 at a military barracks in Tehran for insulting a prophet of Islam, a criminal charge punishable by death in Iran.               
Blogger And Top Vladmir Putin Contender, Alexei Navalny Jailed
A Blogger and possible top contender of Vladmir Putin, Alexei Navalny has been jailed. Alexei rose to prominence in 2007, after a detailed exposure of corruption of Kremlin top officials, and also released secret files that questions government deals.                       
ExxonMobil Wants Donald Trump To Stay In Paris Climate Agreement
While the Donald Trump administration sees staying the Paris Climate change as wasting of US funds, and had signed an executive order to withdraw US from the climate change agreement, Exxon’s manager for environmental policy,Peter Trelenberg is advising the US president not to leave the agreement.                      
Theresa May Triggers Brexit
Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50, this will start the exit of the UK from the European Union. Britain EU ambassador handed a letter to the EU Council President Donald Tusk, which means there is no turning back on Brexit, and Britain will quit the European Union it joined in 1973.                    Speaking to parliament on the exit of the UK, Theresa May said;
Marijuana Will Legal In Canada By July 2018
The liberal government in Canada is set to announce next month on the legalization of Marijuana come July 1, 2018. The Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief recently briefed the Liberal caucus on the roll out plan of the legislation during a meeting with caucus this weekend.                    
Trumpcare Fail To Pass Congress As President Trump Withdraws Bill Amidst Low Support
President Donald Trump is not going to be having a great weekend after one of his biggest campaign promises, "Repeal and Replace" Obamacare fails to see the inside of the Republican-run Congress. Trump and his cabinet have been trying to rally support from congress members to help repeal the ACA, which was also one of former President Barack Obama legacy, but Trump faced a major revolt from conservatives and moderates in their ranks, who believes the new AHCA plan proposal is just like the ACA.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Breaks Up Latino Family, Father Sets For Deportation
Donald Trump in his campaign has talked about how Mexico is known to only send their rapist, drug dealers to the country, and he has since said that his government will be tough on immigration at the US borders, and that is what the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Desoto Police arrested two Latinos.                  
Shep Smith Of Fox News Rips Into Trumpcare Failure
A Fox news host, Shep Smith has not been the one to shy away from dealing with the various failures of President Trump, or the Republicans. The recent been when Republican party fails to pass the new "Affordable Healthcare Plan," and repeal the Obama legacy Affordable care act "Obamacare."                
Michael Flynn Secretly Planned To Extradite Fugitive Turkey Cleric
Former President Trump National security adviser, Michael Flynn was reported to have met with Turkish official to hold an extradition plan that will see fugitive Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen handed over to Turkish Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Former CIA Director James Woolsey confirmed he attended the meeting with officials from right-wing party members of Erdogan, promising that the cleric will be extradited to Turkey once Donald Trump assume his role as the president of the United States.
Former Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manifort Work To Help Putin Russia In USA Business Dealings
Another day, another Donald Trump Russia scandal, as former campaign manager, Paul Manifort was found to have secretly worked for the Russia billionaire with plans to "greatly benefit the Putin Government," and as been doing so since 2005 under Republican President Bush, even at the time the US-Russia relations grew worse. According to the AP, a confidential strategy by Manifort proposed a strategic plan that would influence politics, business dealings and news coverage in the United States, Europe and former Soviet republics in a way that will benefit the Putin government.
UK Parliament In Lockdown After A Man Stabbed Police Officer And Rammed Into Crowd
UK Parliament is in lockdown after a policeman was stabbed and the suspected assailant shot dead out the house of Parliament. After the shooting, another car rammed into crowd on the Westminster bridge, and police are treating this as a terror attack.                      
Rex Tillerson Will Skip NATO Meeting To Visit Russia
US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson will skip the NATO meeting to be in Russia, and the purpose of his visit is not yet known.  Tillerson meeting in Russia is taking place at a time the FBI said it is investigating the Trump campaign team and their activities during the 2016 campaign, with ties to Russia. According to the state department, Rex Tillerson will hold "meetings" in Russia after attending the group of seven talks in Italy in early April.
Donald Trump Takes Credit For Colin Kaepernick's Not Having A Team
Former 49ers quarter-back, Colin Kaepernick, has been in the news recently for not standing up for the national anthem, and instead kneeling down when the anthem is on, something that causes an uproar among fans, agents and US Citizens. Come 2017, Colin Kaepernick is a free agent, looking for a team to pick him up, but yet to find a team, and Donald Trump believes the NFL is afraid to pick him up because they are scared of his tweet towards them.
29 Nigerians, Legal And Illegal Occupants Raided By Police In Cambodia
Immigration officials in Cambodia have raided a house occupied by Nigerians in Chom Chao, and have detained 29 of them while they await the occupants with documents, and those living and working illegally in the country.                   The 29 Nigerians have been detained, and anyone without the right documents faces deportation.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Visits Trump's White House
The President of the United States, Donald Trump has welcome German Chancellor, Angela Merkel to the White House. The two leaders finally meet after Trump's various accusations towards the Chancellor. Donald has accused Merkel of "ruining" Germany when she allows too many refugees into the country. Trump also said that Germany is using the European Union as a "vehicle" to grow its own economy.             
US Soldiers Imprisioned In South Korea After They Were Caught With $12M Worth Of Crystal Meth
The South Korean authorities have detained two US soldiers stationed in the country and were caught with methamphetamine, worth $12M. South Korean prosecutors allege that the soldiers smuggled into the country a nine-pounds worth of the drugs using the APO (Army's postal services) from California.                                                            Cereal boxes used to hide the drugs
Audio Of House Speaker Ryan Emerges, Says He Will Not Defend Trump Now Or Never
During Donald Trump's campaign, we saw the spat between house speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump, with Donald Trump slight of endorsing Ryan opposition in Wisconsin. On a new released audio from a press conference with house GOP, Paul Ryan could be heard telling other members of the Republican he is done with the now president Donald Trump. In a October 10, 2016 audio, just right after the Access Hollywood tape, Ryan can be heard clearly stating his stance on Donald Trump; I am not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in the future.