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US Led Coalition Airstrikes Kills 30 People Hiding In School Buildings In Raqqa
In a high civilian casualty raid of a US led coalition, more than 33 people hiding at a Isil-held Syrian city of Raqqa were killed after a US led airstrike hits the school sheltering the families. The school is being used by more than 50 families in Mansoura, 15 miles from ISIL so called caliphate,but was levelled on Tuesday. The current death toll is said to rise as rescuers continue to pull out bodies from the rubbles, and many families are yet to be accounted for. 
Theresa May Should Resign Not Seek Re-election -Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for UK prime minister to resign instead of seeking re-election again in the country. The call came after the Theresa May role in cutting police numbers while she was home secretary between 2010 and 2016.                 
Saudi Arabia, Egypt Cut Ties With Qatar Accusing It Of Supporting ISIS
Saudi Arabia, Egypt today cut ties with their neighbour, Qatar, after the countries accuses it of sponsoring Muslim terrorist group, ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The move came as Riyadh closed its land, air and sea contacts with Qatar. Qatar in its defence has denied the allegations and said the country had taken their decisions, not "based on facts"  and it is "unjustified".
Breaking News: 15-20 People Injured After White Van Plowed Into Pedestrians On London Bridge
Police in London are responding to an incident on London bridge after reports that a van hit pedestrians on London bridge. The witnesses at the scene said they had seen a white van mount over the pedestrian bridge and drive into people.                    The transport for London said the bridge is now closed from both said  due to the "major police incident".
Australian Tourist Killed In San Francisco, United States
Australian man, Matthew Bates, 33,has died in San Francisco, United States after a verbal altercation turned physical with two men outside the  Da Vinci Villa hotel in Russian Hill at 2am.              The police have now arrested the two people involved in his death, and The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular services to Yate's family.
ISIS: 36 People Killed In A Resort In Manila After Terrorist Invaded The Resort
Authorities in Manila, Philippine have confirmed the death of 36 people after a series of gunshots, explosions and fire erupted at the Resorts World, Manila, a casino and resort on Manila Bay in the Philippines. According to the BBC, the attack was carried out by a lone gunman who was attempting robbery at the hotel. The Philippine police chief said that there was no evidence that the attack was related to terrorism, and there was no reports of a gunshot wound.
President Donald Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Agreement On Climate Accord
President Donald Trump has fulfilled one of his campaign promises, after he announced in the White House lawn that the US will be pulling out of the Paris climate change deal. Trump said he would like to "renegotiate"  a deal that will not be a disadvantage to US businesses and workers. The Climate change pact was signed by 200 countries, and the only country not involved before the US is Syria and Nicaragua.
Model On Menstruation Allegedly Fired By Hyundai
A model, Rachel Rickert, 27, has filed a complaint against Hyundai after she claimed she was fired wile representing the brand at the New York International Auto Show in April for having her period. She said she made it clear while working that she needed a toilet break, but was denied to leave because she was told it was too busy a time, and could not go ahead to change her underwear and tights, plus her tampon. She then told her talent rep, Erika Seifred what had happened and would later receive a text from Seifred asking her to take the night off.
Melbourne Airport In Lockdown After Man Threatens To Hijack Malaysia Airline
A Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 flying from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was forced to make an emergency landing at 11pm on Wednesday after a passenger attempted to enter the cockpit and hijack the plane while in the air. The man was later overwhelmed by passengers in the plane, and he was subdued and pin to the ground. Images of the man pinned to the floor, and held by a makeshift handcuff have been shared on social media.
Australia Government To Ban Convicted Pedophile To Protect South-East Asia Children
The Australian government is now looking to ban its convicted paedophiles from leaving the country, as most of these Paedophiles go to South-East Asia and harm vulnerable kids.  Paedophiles from Australia have been known to visit countries like the Philipines, Vietnam, Cambodia and other South-East Asia country to exploit poor kids by either tricking to help them learn English Language, or gained the trust of the kids by supporting their families, and in turn violate the kids.
Masked Gunmen Killed 26 Christians, Including Children In Egypt
Masked gunmen once again struck on bus carrying Coptic Christians south of the Egyptian capital on Friday, killing 26 people including children, and wounding 26 others.  The bus travelling to the St. Samuel Monastery in Minya province was attacked  220 kilometres south of the Egyptian capital, when the gunmen that wore military uniforms and masks opened fire on the bus going from Bani Suief to visit the monastery.
"Germans Are Evil" Trumps Says As He Vows To Stop German Cars Sales In The US
The US president, Donald Trump is ready to go head to head battle to fight the Germans, as he voiced his displeasure during a meeting with the European leaders in Brussels, Belgium. Trump is angry with the German trade surplus, and says;  “The Germans are evil, very evil.Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that." EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker who was at the meeting, step up for Germany and said; “free trade is good for all.”
Gang Of Kidnappers Took 6 Boys From Lagos State Model Secondary School In Epe, Lagos State
Kidnappers attacks Government Model school, Igbonla, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria, and taking 6 boys away from their hostel around 5am earlier this week. The school management informed the Nigerian police in the area immediately when the men gained entrance, but the gun battle was too much for the Police team as the kidnappers came with sophisticated weapons, making officers retreat from the scene.                             
US Military Lost Track Of A $1Bn Military Equipment And Arms
Amnesty International has said that the US Army has lost over $1bn worth of arms and other military equipment in a transfer to Kuwait and Iraq, citing a report of the 2016 government audit.  The document of the lost arms was obtained in the now-declassified documents by the US Department of Defence (DoD) audit, after citing the Freedom of Information requests.The documents reveal that the DOD "did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location" of arms equipment on hand in Kuwait and Iraq.
Salman Abedi Was Reported To Police Five Years Ago, Always Supported Terrorism
The UK terrorist, Salman Abedi, that killed 22 people, and injured another 119 people after the Ariana Grande sold out concert was reported to police five years ago for always supporting terrorism and had thoughts that "being a suicide bomber was OK".                
Republican Greg Gianforte Turned Wrestler As He Body-Slammed Guardian Reporter
Republican congressional candidate,Greg Gianforte  for Montana’s congressional seat running for the  for Montana’s congressional seat has been charged with a misdemeanour assault, after he body-slammed Ben Jacobs, a Guardian political reporter.
President Duterte Declares Martial Law in Mindanao After Maute Terrorist Tries To Take Over Town
Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte declares martial law in the entire Island of Mindanao after the Maute terrorist group clashed with the government troops in Marawi City.  In a briefing in Moscow, the presidential spokesperson, Ernesto Abella made the announcement on the order of President Duterte. Abella said the martial law will be in the city for 60 days and this is possible under the country's own constitution.
White Male,Former Neo-Nazi Converted To Islam Stabbed His Two Roommates For Disrespecting His Religion In Tampa, Florida
A White male former New-Nazi that got converted to Islam, Devon Arthurs, 18, has been charged with the killing of his two friends, Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, who he claimed were "disrespecting" his new faith.                                         Devon Arthurs
Manchester Arena: 22 People Killed Including A 8-Year Old Child After ISIS Supporter, Salman Abedi Blows Up The Venue
22 People have been confirmed killed at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena, including an eight-year old child, after a Libyan refugee, Salman Abedi blows up the music concert venue. The explosion also had more than 60 people injured.                         
President Trump Said He Fired James Comey Because He Is Crazy And A Nut Job
Another information from the White House revealed that President Trump bragged to the Russian on how he fired the director of the FBI, James Comey, and the sack of the director had relieved of him a "great pressure".                          President Trump said;