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Man Cut Off Penis Of Man Sleeping With His Wife
Vietnam: Police in Bac Giang province have arrested Nguyen Van Huan. 29, for cutting penis of wife's lover after he caught them red-handed at a hotel.                    According to local media, Huan had followed his wife on suspicion that she was having an affair with another man, and on September 5, he caught her in a room with her lover, then cut off the other man's pennis.
9 People Dead As ISIS Bomb Blast Rocks Baghdad
An attack on the Shia Muslim community by ISIS has left 9 people dead, and 20 others injured on Monday. The blast went off near a hospital in the city’s Karradah district.                       An affiliate news of ISIS, Amaq news agency, has released a statement that claimed ISIS was responsible for the attack.  The death toll from the attack will rise according to police and rescue officials.  
Israeli Forces Shot One Palestinian And Injured Another
A Palestinian boy, Mustafa Nimr from the Dahieh al-Salam neighbourhood in 'Anata town was shot dead by Israeli forces deployed to the Shu’fat refugee camp, northeast of Jerusalem al-Quds. The pair was driving when the Israeli army shot at their car, killing the driver, and injuring his friend who was next to him.                  
Charlie Hebdo Magazine Compares Victims Of Italy Earthquake To Pasta Dishes
While the world mourns the death of people at Amatrice, Rome, after they were hit with a 6.2 earthquakes last week, satirical magazine in France had seen the disaster as comic for their new magazine, and had depicted the victims caught under the rubble as pasta dishes.               
10 People Died, Another 24 Injured After A Bomb Blast In Popular Philippine Market
Tragedy has struck a busy market in Philippine's president hometown, Davao city, after a bomb went off, killing 10 people, while injuring another 24. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines was at his hometown at the time of the bomb blast, but was far away from the scene of the blast.                        
Shocking- US Citizen,David Sneddon Missing For 12 Years Is Reported To Be In North Korea Teaching Kim Jong-un English
David Sneddon, a college student that disappeared in 2004 during a trip to China have been reported to have been spotted in North Korea, Yahoo News Japan reported on Friday. According to the report, the North Korea government, Kim Jong-un might have kidnapped him, so he could teach him English.                        
Senate Impeach Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff
Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff has been ousted from the office after a vote of the country's senate on Wednesday. The senate voted 61-20 after she was accused of moving public funds to close budget holes.
ISIS Second In Command,Abu Muhammad al-Adnani Bites The Dust In Syria
One of ISIS spokesperson and prominent leader, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani has been killed in Aleppo when he was surveying operations to repel the military campaigns against Aleppo. ISIS have hold on to different provinces in Aleppo, but not the city where rebels are fighting Syrian government forces..
Two Turkish Men Sent To 5 Years In Jail For Card Fraud In Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam: Two Turkish men identified as Hakan and Emrah have been found guilty by the Ho Chi Minh court on Tuesday after they withdraw VND300 million (US$13,400) from the city ATMs in February 2015.                      
Meet The Fish With Human Teeth, Bites Dog
A fisherman at a north-eastern Argentina province of Entre Rios was shocked after he caught a fish with human teeth. Stunned Raul Silva, 44, was fishing near Puerto Alvear when he saw the creature that he thought was an eel, but he was terrified after the fish bites a dog and made it scream.                
Philippines President Offers 2 Million Bounty On Corrupt Cops
President Duterte is not willing to be scared by the wide teeth of the UN or any external body advising him to stop  in  the fight against illegal drugs in the country. The president who believes there are more cops still protecting some drug lords in some area have said he would put a 2 million peso ($43,000) as bounty to get rid of them too.                        
African-American Called Police During Attempted Home Robbery For Help, But He Was Shot Instead
An African-American man in  Indianapolis  was unfortunate to have called the police during an attempted robbery in his home. Carl Williams, a 48-year-old black man on Tuesday morning called 911 that an armed man tried to assault his wife outside their home, took her keys and drove away with her car.     
Turkey Army Invades Syria
Turkey army and its coalition forces in an attack on Wednesday started an operation in Jarablus, a Syrian border town, to drive away Daesh group.                  Confirming the invasion is a Turkish prime minister; 
21 People Dead As Earthquake Destroys Central City
Twenty people are believed to have been killed in an earthquake that hit Central Italy this morning. The 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Amatrice, and half of the city is gone due to the impact of the disaster. The quake hit the town around  03:36 (01:36 GMT), 100km (65 miles) northeast of Rome, at a shallow depth of 10km, and at the time of writing, 21 people including children have reported to have died and many other missing.
Boy Stabbed Pregnant Girlfriend Twice, Then Slashed Her Throat After Google Search
While some teenagers are looking for ways to move ahead in life by looking at bright ideas from their Google search, a 19-year old Ade from Ibadan decided to look up "What to do if my girlfriend does not want to have an abortion" on Google.            
Donald Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Quits
 Paul Manafort, campaign chairman for Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump has resigned from the position just 2 months he assumed the position. Paul, 67-year-old veteran political strategist has recently being criticised for his ties to Russian-backed, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.                      
Israeli Man Buys New Bike For Palestinian Girl After Israeli Border Patrol Broke Hers
Peace activist Lonny Baskin on Wednesday donated a new bike to the Palestinian 8-year old girl that was bullied by border guard in Israel earlier this month. 8-year old, Anwar Burqan was taken away from her on August 2, and after collecting the bike, the family of Burqan said the bike was damaged that it could no longer be used.
Donald Trump Defends Police That Killed Armed Black Man In Milwaukee
Donald Trump has said the killing of Sylville Smith, 23, that was shot by police last Saturday was justified. According to official reports, Smith was shot because he was armed with a weapon, and pointing the gun to the officer that shot him.                    During an interview with Fox news, Donald Trump said;
Israeli Forces Killed 17 Year Old Palestinian Boy And Injured Another 32
The Israeli forces have shot a 17 year old Palestinian boy, Muhammad Abu Hashhash, in the chest during a scuffle in the Fawwar camp, located near the city of al-Khalil (Hebron). According to a statement released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Muhammad was shot in the chest during the clash.          
Charlie Hebdo Received Threatening Messages After It Published Naked Muslims On The Beach Cartoon
Charlie Hebdo, a controversial satirical magazine that was previously attacked for publishing a satirical image of Prophet Muhammad is again receiving death threats after since it published the cartoon of naked Muslims on its cover.                                                Charlie Hebdo latest issue showing the naked muslims