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Breaking News : Gunman Takes Hostages In Sydney
Australia, Sydney : An unidentified man had taken people hostages inside a cafe in Sydney. The terrorist had entered the Lindt Cafe and held people hostages.More than 20 people were said to be at the Cafe at the time of the attack. At the moment, everybody is asked to press their hands against the glass wall, both staff and customers. Photo credit :Daily mail online
Nigeria Health Workers Continues Strike
Nigeria : Workers in the health sector in Nigeria have complained of about government insensitivity to it's plight, and therefore embarked on a nationwide strike. The health sector had been having close doors meeting with government officials.
President Jonathan Wins The Primary Election At The PDP Convention
Nigeria : The incumbent president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan today won the primary election at the PDP convention. The convention which happened between the Dec.10th-11th saw the president winning the election alone.  The PDP committee had failed to produce an opponent to contest the primary election with president Jonathan. The other opponent Akasoba Duke Abiola had stepped down few days to the PDP convention, giving President Jonathan a win and also the party flag bearer of the party. He will be running with the current Vice-president Sambo.
ISIS Asks James Foley Parent To Pay $1m To Receive Corpse
The new twist in the James Foley murder case that was killed by the member of the Islamic State of the Irag and the levant (ISIS) is they want the Foley's to pay a sum of $1m for his body. The photo was the first journalist to be beheaded by ISIS after a failed rescue mission and the US mission trip to kill members of the sect.       
Go Back To Africa, Trinidad Deports Ghanaians
Trinidad : A Trinidad court had approved the deportation of 6 Ghanaian nationals staying in the country illegally. The court hearing that was held last Saturday 6th of December, ended in the early hours of Sunday the 7th of Dec, 2014. The West African nationals that had entered into the country had written a petition to why they should be deported, but their petition was overturned by the Judge, Justice Ricky Rahim.
Jimi Agbaje defeats Musiliu Obanikoro In The PDP Primaries
Lagos, Nigeria : The People democratic party(PDP) gubernatorial primaries was held at the Yard 58, Oregun Venue, Lagos State around 5:00PM local time. The gubernatorial primaries had different PDP aspirants that includes : Musiliu Obanikoro, Jimi Agbaje, Babatunde Gbadamosi, Dr (Mrs) Modupe Chukwuneke, Adedeji Doherty and Ambassador Tokunbo Kamson. The election was tagged free and fair.
Open Season : Police Kill Another Unarmed Black Man In Phoenix
Another Unarmed African-American is being shot dead by police in Phoenix, Rumain Brisbon. Rumain was said to be delivering foods to his four kids, and was apprehended by the police who was said are currently investigating a drug dealer that sells drug from a truck that looks like Rumain's truck.                  
Man Genitals Removed On A Trip To Thailand---Hoax
A report going viral on the internet is from a news website that claim an American Citizen, Josh Brown, 58 years old man genitals were removed on a tourist visit to Thailand. The report also claims the man was rushed to a hospital as it might cost the man its life. The news also claims the request of Men genitals is a request from Chinese Market and it cost millions of dollars in the black market.         
APC won't Present Governor Fashola as Vice-President Because He Is A Muslim
Lagos- As the election in Nigeria draws near, Nigerians are wondering who is going to be the next president. One of the best governor in Nigeria politics and the current governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola whom a lot of Nigerians, most especially Lagosians wish to become the next Vice-president might not be the chosen candidate by the APC (All progressive Congress).                         
Must Read: Tribal war among Nigerian youths would continue to give them bad leaders
Lagos, Nigeria : Nigeria is a country of more than 173.6  million people. Which means Nigeria is the largest city in Africa, aside from the population in Nigeria, it is also termed as the " Heart and Giant of Africa" ( That's is debatable).  According to the age structure of Nigeria around the year 2013. it shows that Nigeria youth is 19.3% of the total population. See complete list :
Civilian Vigilante Chased Out Harmed Boko Harams In Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria
                   Just like the saying of the Nigeria President, Goodluck Jonathan.Terrorism is what we need to fight altogether. After the takeover of Mubi town by the terrorist group, Boko Haram in Nigeria, The civilian task force in Mubi had decided to play the card of the armed Boko Haram sect by chasing them out of Mubi, Adamawa state, Nigeria.
Pastor Myles Munroe "Don't Be Afraid Of Death"
The past few weeks had been sad for the christian community and all fans of Pastor Myles Munroe after receiving the shocking death of the man of God. Pastor Myles until his death was the Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) and Myles Munroe International (MMI). He died while traveling with other church member Some great work of Pastor Myles include one of his teaching "Don't be afraid of death" . We hope it will minister to too...
Breaking news :Oscar Pistrious Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison, Donald Trump Slams Judge
Oscar Pistrious, the double amputee that have been going to court for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp  on Valentine's day 2013 is now sentenced to 5 years in prison. Reading the charges to him, the following was considered before delivering the sentence.                  1. Culpable homicide - 5 years in prison 2. For the Tasha shooting which he was found guilty for - 3 years in prison, wholly suspended for 5 years with conditions.
German Hostage maybe executed anytime soon in Philippines
Dr Viktor Okonek, a 71 years old medical doctor and German held hostage maybe killed anytime from now. The man that who was captured by an Islamic sect, Abu Sayaff while on sailing from  Pahlawan island in southern Philippines to Sabah. He had been in the captivity since April 25.                              
President Obama Is Having Mental Problems And He Is A Psycho- Donald Trump
In a recent tweet by the business mogul again to President Obama, he thinks all flight from West Africa. Sending a tweet with his twitter account @realDonaldTrump. Donald think that the flight from West Africa should be grounded like other countries. A lot of countries have stopped all flight and personnels from West Africa to their countries as they believed Ebola might find it's way to their country if allowed and Donald Trump want that same thing in USA.
Mark Zuckerberg donates $25 million to fight Ebola
The 13th richest man and the owner of the popular social network o the internet, Mark Zuckerberg took to his personal Facebook today to announce the donation both Priscillia and himself are donating to the center for disease control foundation. The Ebola virus that had been in some part of Africa and killed more than 8,000 people find its way to the African heart, Nigeria through a Liberia man named Patrick Sawyer and killed more than 20 people before it was contained also found its way through another Liberian man to Texas, Eric Duncan.
Ebola On The Plane: "I have Ebola" As Man On Flight Scream Out, Acting Sick.
The best way to scare people on a flight is to shout " I have a bomb". But in recent times, a new way to scare people away is shouting "I have Ebola" . An American tourist flying from Philadelphia to Dominican republic decides to play on people fear when he shouted, "I have Ebola" few minutes the aircraft landed on the Puna Cana International airport.                                
The Man With First Ebola in US Is Dead
Eric Duncan, the Liberian man with the Ebola virus in Texas, Usa is dead. .. More details will  followsuit  
US Send Medical Experts To Nigeria To Learn The Best Method To Contain The Spread Of Ebola
Foreign Media applauds Nigeria Government for its response to Ebola The Ebola virus that was brought to Nigeria by the Liberian/American citizen, Patrick Sawyer is finally contained by the Nigeria medical experts. In recent news, another Liberian citizen, Thoma Eric Duncan had entered USA with the Ebola virus.      
New Nigeria ID Card- A debit card and a Passport, backed by MasterCard
The giant of Africa, Nigeria, once again took a massive hop leaving the other African countries behind in it's new co-operation with Mastercard. Mastercard in collaboration with the Nigeria government recently upgraded the National identity card(Neid) to a three in one card that will allow not only Nigerians to present it as an ID card, but also as an electronic payment.