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Breaking News : Akinwunmi Ambode Wins Lagos State Gubernatorial Race
Lagos State, Nigeria: News reaching us is that the APC gubernatorial candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode has won the Lagos state gubernatorial election. The APC gubernatorial candidate has won 90% of the Lagos state election.                  
Nollywood Star, Desmond Elliot Wins Election For House Of Assembly, Denied Rumour Of Sharing Money In His Constituency
Lagos, Nigeria: The Nollywood star and politician, Desmond Olusola Elliot(DOE) has won the election in Surulere constituency and will be representing the unit come May 29, Desmond who won the election ahead of his PDP contender, Smith  While sharing his joy, he also advises bloggers to find out the truth and not to be concerned about traffic on their website. The young man was allegedly reported to be giving out cash gifts to voters at his polling unit.  Desmond denied the rumour via his media account and said not allegation is not true.
The War Against Boko Haram, The Video Nigerians Need To See
Maiduguri, Nigeria : Since 2009, the Boko Haram insurgency  has started, they raided and burn police stations, churches and kill innocent civilians.
Akinwunmi Ambode, Goodluck Jonathan, Namadi Sambo,Jimi Agbaje, Raji Fashola Voting In Today's Election
The gubernatorial elections and house of assembly held in Nigeria see the massive turnout of some Nigeria leaders and aspiring gubernatorial candidates at their different polling units. We bring you some of the photos from the different polling units in Nigeria.                                                          Akinwunmi Ambode, Lagos state gubernatorial candidate
Hillary Clinton Set To Announce Her 2016 Presidential Campaign Ambition On Sunday
The former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton is set to join the race for the 2016 presidential campaign. According to different US media reports, the former secretary will announce her candidacy this Sunday. Mrs Clinton is set to make the announcement via social media. Hillary Clinton, 67 year old ran for president in 2008, but she contended with President Barack Obama and lost to him. She is considered as a strong contender for the democratic party nomination.
President Goodluck Jonathan Assures Nigerians As They Vote Tomorrow In Gubernatorial And House Of Assembly Elections
The house of Assembly and Gubernatorial elections holds tomorrow. As people get ready to vote, the out-going president, Goodluck Jonathan has urged Nigerians of security and ask them to vote for their people of choice.                             He shared the following on his Facebook wall :
Breaking News: Former Governor Of Oyo State, Rashidi Ladoja Secretly Returns Money He Stole While He Was Governor
Oyo State, Nigeria: A new evidence has shown the decadence of the Nigeria society. The image shows how deep-rooted the corruption in Nigeria as the former governor of Oyo state, Senator Rashidi Ladoja, the gubernatorial candidate of Oyo state under his party, Accord party returned 500 Million Naira [$2.5Million] between 2008 to 2013.                      
Englishman Drug Distributor Arrested In Cambodia
Shihanoukville, Cambodia: Robert John Skillin, a 33 year old man in Cambodia have been arrested, the man is the Guest house keeper at Eden guest house located in group 15 village 4, commune 4, Sihanoukville city, Sihanoukville province.                              
Names Of Nigerian Top Politicians That Dump PDP For APC After Presidential Election
The fact that people don't like to associate to failure is what is currently happening in the face of Nigerian politics, as the 16 years ruling power of people democratic party (PDP) came to an end after losing the federal seat of power in the presidential election. The incumbent government of President Goodluck Jonathan was voted out by Nigerians while they voted the APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari. These are some top politicians who defected from PDP after the March 28 presidential elections :
ISIS Beheads Man Accused Of Sorcery And Witchcraft
ISIS, the Islamic state of Iraq has recently released a video and picture of a man who was beheaded after being accused of sorcery and witchcraft. The pictures of the beheaded man were shared by different supporters of the group via social media and also the group known executioner, Jihadi John who is known as Abu Bakr al-Britani. The gruesome act was said to have taken place near Tikrit in Iraq's Salah al-Din province, a place where Iraqi army and Shiite volunteers had great success forcing the ISIS terrorist to withdraw from in recent weeks.
Breaking News: Read How Gov. Akpabio Of Akwa Ibom Bought Election Result With 2.5b And Prado Jeep
An anonymous group working in INEC had written to Professor Attahiru Jega about how the results of the presidential and senatorial election was rigged in Akwa-Ibom. The group alleges that the results for the gubernatorial election has also been decided in the state, in a petition dated April 6 to the National electoral commission chairman. The governor of Akwa-Ibom state, Governor Goodswill Akpabio, the Resident Electoral commission, commissioner of police and some other INEC staff members had colluded to rig the March 28th election.
German Shot Himself In The Head In Cambodia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Tragedy struck struck in a Sen Sok Hospital, when a German national shot himself in what the police are investigating if it is murder or suicide.  Dr. Wolfgang Schmidtberg, 54 years old German national and a dentist in Tuol Kork was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 weeks ago, and was reported to have shot himself at close range on his sick bed. The hospital said they had rushed to the room of Dr Wolfgang after hearing a loud shot, and found him dead with a gun to his head.
British Tourist Allegedly Dead On Drug Overdose
Phnom Penh, Cambodia: A British tourist had been found dead in a guest house in Cambodia called the Walkabout Guest house in Psa Thmey 3 district last Sunday afternoon. The man was found on his knees and his chest on the bed.  Davey Marc, a 28 year old British male had arrived at the guest house with 3 of his friends who the receptionist reported were drunk, and one of the friends had asked if one of his friends could help him to his room. The men arrived at the guest on the 4th of April 2015 after entering Cambodia as a tourist from Bangkok, Thailand.
Again: White Police Officer Charged With Killing Of Black Man
South Carolina, USA: A white South Carolina police officer has been charged with murder after a video emerged online of the officer shooting a black man running away from him 8 times in the back. Michael T. Slager, a 33 year old  North Charleston officer told the police that he had pulled the victim, Walter Scott, 50 for driving a car with broken brake light on Saturday 9:30am. During the encounter, Scott took away his Taser and ran away from him. It was then officer Slager feared for his life and he shot the man 8 times for his defence.
OMG!!!! What Airlines Pilot Won't Tell You, See The Best Place In A Flight
There are a lot of things the pilot of a flight know that people never know, It is either consider unecessary or they believed people don't need to know. Why some are scary, some might change the way you do things from your next flight. The below is what an airline pilots won't tell the passengers as answered by different pilots of different airline. Captain of a major airline
Tragic : 3 Young Vietnamese Dead After Allegedly Chased By Police For Not Wearing Helmet
Yen Bai, Vietnam : Three Vietnamese girls have been reported dead on a Thia bridge, thị xã Nghĩa Lộ (Yên Bái). The girls were reported to be on the motorbike without a helmet in the town, a crime punishable by traffic wardens in Vietnam. According to mixed reports by people around at the time of the crash, the girls were being chased by traffic warden, the secondary school students on sighting the police sped off on their motorbike, and all sped to their death. They were all reported not to have their helmets while riding.
Watch Moment A Vigilante Stopped 2 Armed Robbers In Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: A video has appeared on the internet where a young man stopped 2 bike robbery in Saigon. The video shows the 2 armed robbers (One in blue shirt) trying to attack the vigilante with a knife to intimidate the young man to facilitate their escape, but the young man will not bow down to threats.                                                                 The suspects and their loot
University Ceiling Collapsed In Hanoi, One Unconscious, Ten Injured
Hanoi, Vietnam : The ceiling of building C, room 714, 7th floor at Hanoi University, Thanh Xuan containing 20 students collapsed around 2pm yesterday. The large wall which suddenly collapsed, hit a girl, making her go unconscious.                                                              The University ceiling debris
Video Of Oba Rilwan Akiolu Threatening Igbos Is Out
We have released a audio and transcript of the Oba Of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu threatening Igbos in Lagos, now we are also releasing the video of the threats for people that still don't believe he said that.                Watch Video :    
Audio- I Am Not Begging Anybody, If You Are Against Ambode, You Will Die - Oba Rilwan Akiolu Of Lagos
Lagos : The Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu is in a middle of a hate speech after a controversial speech with the Eze-Ndigbo in his palace, the Oba threat to the Igbos in Lagos is currently the buzz on social media after he said that the Igbo in Lagos will perish if they decide not to vote for his chosen candidate, APC gubernatorial candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode.