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Sep 09, 2016 |

While iPhone 7 is looking to be released today, Samsung Galaxy note 7 is being recalled back after numerous battery explosion. The flight has now...

Sep 08, 2016 |

The iPhone 7 is here, though not met with a lot of build up and reception it always get, the launching of the new phone has caused different...

Aug 07, 2016 |

The trending smartphone game, Pokémon Go, has officially launched in Vietnam. It was all joy for players that had waited patiently for the game...

Jul 29, 2016 |

While the world is on Pokemon go, transfixed to their phone and causing security threat, Michal Paulovic and his team decided to give us a special...

Jul 22, 2016 |

NSA whistleblower. Edward Snowden has said in the past that our smartphones are transmitting information that could be monitored by different...

Jun 17, 2016 |

Meet Anvitha Vijay, a 9 year old and the youngest App developer from Melbourne, Australia. She created the app, ...

Jun 08, 2016 |

All lovers of Apple products are to expect a great week from Apple as the doors for the yearly Apple WWDC 2016 will be open on...

Mar 01, 2016 |

John McAfee of the McAfee antivirus software on live TV tutored the FBI and everyone on how to crack the iPhone or any other phone out there on...

Sep 17, 2015 |

Mobile giant, Apple has finally released the latest version of its OS, iOS 9 on Wednesday, and users of the iPhones can now enjoy the latest of...