Five Foreign Nationals Busted In Cambodia Drug Raid

Cambodia: Police in Cambodia have arrested five foreigners in a drug bust in Sihanoukville. The police found in their possession lots of MDMA pills and machine for pressing pills. 


The people arrested in the drug bust are;

Mikhail Grafman, 52 year old male from Forest Hills, New York, USA

Hannah Sirkiä, 28 year old female from Vantaa, Finland

Lenka Vlková, 26 year old female from Czech Republic

Mukhametianova Elmira, 30 year old female from Russia

Melnyk Volodymyr, 28 year old from Ukraine


The foreigners might be put behind bar for 20 years, as Cambodia carries strict drug policies.


See video of the arrest:


  One of the suspsects talk to police, see video: