Linda Wenzel

A court in Baghdad has sentenced a German woman to death after she confirms she had travelled from Germany to Iraqi for the sole purpose of joining ISIS with her two daughters.

The court said the unnamed German woman was "providing logistical support and assistance to the terrorist group to commit crimes" after she joined ISIS, and her two daughters reportedly married ISIS militants. The woman of Moroccan descent was believed to be living in the Manheim region before she travelled, and believed to be part of the women that were captured by the Iraqi forces after the forces regained Mosul from the Daesh group.


                                     LInda Wenzel

The spokesperson for the Supreme Judicial Council, Abdul-Sattar Bayrkdar confirmed the news, and said the woman acknowledged joining ISIS.

The Iraqi forces have detained many foreign women after it took over the Northern and Central Iraq from the terrorist group. 

Another German, Linda Wenzel was also with the group, and had fled to Syria when she was only 15. She is also facing the death penalty if convicted of aiding ISIS. She was reported to have aided ISIS, and also was a sniper for the terrorist group, but she had denied the claims, and said she was mostly kept for domestic works only.

In a 22-minute video released by the Egypt chapter of ISIS, the terrorist group has declared a war on Hamas for losing Jerusalem to Washington and Israel. The video was recently released to the Jihadist-monitoring SITE Intelligence Group website.

The video started with the video of President Trump announcement on Jerusalem. The propaganda video then shows the Daesh group execution of a Musa Abu Zamat, accused of smuggling weapons to Hamas’ military wing from Egypt. ISIS Preacher, Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi then call on its members to attack Hamas houses and courthouses in the Gaza strip.


Hamas is also accused by the ISIS propaganda video of working with Western countries and only fighting Jews in Israel. The accused, Musa Abu Zamat, was later shot point blank in the head.

Hamas has called for a new uprising against Israel after Trump's announcement.The uprising against Israel starts massive revolts, but Israel were able to face it using live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas to end the recent massive unrest.

Hamas spokesperson, Salah Bardawil responded to the ISIS Of ISIS and said its "a Zionist production in which Arab tools participate to distort the resistance."

A four-wheeled drive has injured fourteen people in the centre of Melbourne, in what police are calling a "deliberate act." A lot of the injured are in critical condition as the car run into the crowds at the Melbourne’s Flinders Street station.


According to Victoria Police Commander Russell Barrett while speaking to the press said;At this stage, we believe it was a deliberate act. The motivations are unknown. It’s still early days in the investigation.

According to video footage released by police when the attacker was apprehended, a man can be seen with a white shirt and blue jeans, dragged from the passenger side of the car, while others lie at the ground. Police have also arrested 2 suspects of the attack, but they are yet to be charged.


The arrested man is a 32- year old Australian man of Afghan descent, and he is was arrested in 2010 for traffic violation and minor assault, and also he is known as a drug addict.

The white 4X4 was said to have struck those crossing the  Flinders and Elizabeth streets intersection before coming to a halt near a Tram stop.



The Metropolitan police have arrested Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, from Birmingham and charged with plotting terrorist acts. The security service in the UK said they think they have stopped a plot by the men to assassinate UK Prime minister, Theresa May.


The men plan was to throw a bag with a bomb in it, and then stab the prime minister with knives.

Both men are now arrested and will be due to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. 

The plot was revealed to the cabinet by Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, and he also told ministers that the nine other terrorist planned acts have also been averted by the security forces.


ISIS might be on the way out of the terrorism list as the group continues to suffers a series of defeats in Iraq. ISIS fighters now for fear of being killed surrendered themselves to the Iraqi security forces, and they are all awaiting interrogations.

More than 1000 ISIS fighters who had pledged to die a martyr, are not forfeiting the dream of the 71 virgins and are currently having their hands behind their back while facing the wall in Northern Iraq. The group has recently suffered a series of humiliating defeats in Syria and Iraq, and more than 1000 ISIS fighters have surrendered in the DIbis centre for iinterrogation.


                                                      ISIS fighters surrenders to Kurdish security operatives

While the fight to take back Mosul took soldiers 9 months,and only a few fighters surrendered, Tal-Afar was just 11 days, and more than 500 fighters surrendered. The extremist were ousted from Hawija in just 15 days, and the ISIS fighters did not put in any fight at all, they only planted bombs and booby traps, and after heavy fighting, the group members took their family members and ran.

Many fighters are claiming to be just cooks and clerks for the group, while some claimed to have just joined the group in the past 2 months. Many of the fighters claimed never to have seen a beheading or anything close to it.

In a monitored interview, one of the fighters ,Maytham Muhammed Mohemin said that he had joined the group because he believed their cause, and because his brother had joined. He also said he was getting paid a $100, which is better than nothing at the time.

Maytham had been fighting with the group for 2 years. He had arrived Dibis at Tuesday afternoon with eight other people, after they had gone to Hawija to drop their weapons. Two weeks before that, Maytham had been hiding in holes to escape the never ending American bombs and shelling of the Iraqi forces, and while hiding in holes, the group had no food or sanitary facilities, hence, they stink.

As ISIS continues to lose the battle with US backed led army, the morale of the terrorist organisation is terribly dropping, and the leader of the faction, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was reportedly dead before is alive and preparing a wave of attacks against countries like the United Kingdom to boost its members' morale.


The head of Kurdish intelligence Lahur Talabany while speaking to Telegraph said;

We are going to see a lot more attacks on the West that are designed to boost the morale of the fighters who have suffered heavy losses. They are trying to do attacks that will get them publicity.The more sophisticated attacks are being organised by the leadership around the al-Baghdadi camp.

France is still on high alert against terrorist activities in the country after a string of attacks in the country since the Paris attack in 2015, and also UK is also on high alert following the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge attacks. 

The terrorist group in recent Western backed fight has lost 90% of its territory in Iraq and 85% of its territory in Syria.

Speaking on the recent development, British diplomat Julian King said;

We need to continue our efforts to try and stop that but there will be some funding that gets out. And we have to be conscious of that. That there could be a risk of new sources of funding for terrorism and we have to prepare for that and see what we need to do to strengthen measures to combat it.

Countries that had been hit with attacks from the Daesh group includes Spain, France,Britain, Belgium and Germany.


Several people have now been reported injured injured after a van rammed into several people in Barcelona's Las Ramblas tourist area, and emergency services are now warning people to stay away from the Plaça de Catalunya area.

According to Reuters, emergency services have now ordered the closure of local metro and train stations. People are also reported to be taking cover in shops and cafes.


Steven Turner who works around the area spoke to BBC about the incident. He said;

People in my office saw a van ramming into people on Las Ramblas.I saw about three or four people lying on the ground. There are lots of ambulances and armed police with assault rifles around now.

The driver of the van later fled on foot after ramming into the crowds.

Another eyewitness of the incident, Aamer Anwar said;

All of a sudden, I just sort of heard a crashing noise and the whole street just started to run, screaming. I saw a woman right next to me screaming for her kids. Police were very, very quickly there, police officers with guns, batons, everywhere. Then the whole street started getting pushed back.

Police officers who got there just started screaming at people to move back, move back.


Abu Qutaiba, one of ISIS’ Friday prayer leaders will not be meeting his 72 virgins after the group burnt him alive for slightly confirming the death of the ISIS group leader, Al-Baghdadi. He was burnt July 2 in Tal Afar.

Abu was unfortunate during his Friday sermons, and burst into tears after mentioning the ISIS leader name, hinting that the man himself is dead.


According to a local who spoke to Alsumaria News TV confirmed the news that Abu was later arrested after his sermon, and he was executed. He went on to recite verse from the Quran that is said for the deceased during his speech, raising a lot of questions from the group members.

Sources close to ISIS and the terrorist group are yet to say anything about Al-Baghdadi's death after Russia claimed to have killed him in an airstrike.

Donald Trump leaked a classified Intel about ISIS to the Russians when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyakvisited visited the White House. According to New York times, Donald Trump told the Russians some classified information that was obtained by Israel after it hacked into a ISIS cell of bombmakers based in Syria.


According to a U.S official, the Intel that was gathered allowed the U.S to learn that ISIS was working on explosives that could fool airport security by passing as a laptop battery. The information prompted a ban of laptops from all Muslim countries coming to the United States and Britain.

The information was classified, and was shared by Israel to the United States, and was not supposed to be shared around, but Donald Trump leaked this information when the Russian diplomats came to the White House, which could then be leaked to Iran.

There has been close working relationship between the U.S and Israeli intelligence agencies, allowing for sharing of information, including the disclosure of sources and methods. The cooperation had yielded great result including the disruption of Iran nuclear program.

The American officials under former President Obama warned the Israeli intelligence to be careful of the information they shared with Donald Trump.


Armed men have been deployed ahead of England Vs Scotland game today after a terror alert. The police will patrol Hampden Park stadium in Glasgow, and armed cops have doubled ahead of major public events in response to the London Bridge attack.


The Scottish Football Association will also set up barricade to the stadium that will allow only people with tickets to go inside the stadium. Also the police will be looking to search more than 50,000 people, but it is not sure yet if Bollards will be installed around the arena to stop potentially dangerous vehicles from plowing into the crowds.

Speaking on the safety of the fans in the clash, British transport police chief John McBridge said that there will be "zero tolerance" approach towards any anti-social or criminal behaviour.

The Hampden Park safety officer Brian Muir while speaking to Sky News also said;

There’s a balance between terrorism measures and the normal measures we take, and there’s no doubt there’s an increased security aspect based on intelligence about risk groups and their behaviour.

Police will also have special search order to deal with hooligans or thugs looking to wreak havoc at the arena.

Scotland police also said;

We have stepped up security to support the expected large numbers of people in Glasgow this Saturday for the football at Hampden Park. For those attending the game, please plan your journey in advance.