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Nigerian youths have taken to Twitter to talk about the police brutality they had encountered from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit. Nigerians detailed their different nightmares they have over the years received from the member of the Anti-robbery squad.

Nigerians complained about the corruption, threatening of life and properties, harassment(including sexual harassment), unlawful killings, and unprofessional attitude of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. These men, according to Nigerians on Twitter will approach any good looking men with expensive outfit or cars, and labelled them internet fraudsters.








The #EndSARS started on Saturday and has been trending on Nigeria Twitter after a news of how SARS had shot a young man in the head in Lagos. 

The Nigeria government had stayed mute on the ENDSARS hashtag since it started, while the only person that had responded is presidential aspirant, Abubakar Atiku. Atiku tweeted;


There is no response from the Buhari media team or from the vice-president. 

Some Nigerians are also looking to take the issue outside Twitter and organise a rally to let the government know that Nigerian youths are not safe with SARS around their communities.



15 African-American have now regained their freedom and cleared of convictions after they told their story of a corrupt cop who will ask them for money, and when they refused to pay him, he will cuff them, and put drugs into their pockets.

The Cook County judge on Thursday cleared the men of their charges. The men complained about the mistreatment they receive from a police officer called Ronald Watts.

The 15 prisoners also confirm that it is a norm for police officers to shake down the African-American community or take them away if they don't pay up the cop.

According to one of the accused that Watts threw in jail, he said;

Watts always told me, ‘If you’re not going to pay me, I’m going to get you.’ And every time I ran into him, he put drugs on me. I went to prison and did 24 months for Watts, and I came back home and he put another case on me.

The men watch in horror as no actions were taken against Watts after several complaints, and Watts and is men continue to terrorise the community, extorting drug dealers, and taking money from residents.

In 2013, Watts finally pleaded guilty to stealing money from an FBI informant, and was sent to 22 months in prison. 

13 of the men sent to prison by Watts are now released, while two are inside for unrelated charges. According to one of the convicts who got out early, he said that most times, they have no choice than to plead guilty for the crimes they did not commit. Pleading guilty will give a lighter sentence to the sentence the drugs found on them would have produced.

Prosecutors have now asked that the judge check the integrity unit of the Cook County Attorney’s Office, and the latest development by releasing the men on Thursday might be an effort to regain public trust.


The video of a police officer, Lt. Greg Abbott that surfaced online few days ago have got him fired. The video showed Abbot tells a white motorist "We only kill black people."


The announcement was made by Chief Mike Register on Thursday afternoon saying;

I have known Lt. (Greg) Abbott for years and perceived him as honorable, but he’s made a mistake. I don’t know what is in his heart, but I know what came out of his mouth. We recommend that he be terminated and we are moving forward on that.

See video

In the dashcam video, the woman was afraid to pick up her phone from her lap,and told the officer she is scared she might get shot picking it up as she seen many videos of cops killing motorists. The now fired cop, Lt. Greg Abbott responded to the motorist "But you're not black. We only kill black people, right?"

The incident, though happened in 2016, recently resurfaced after a request from WSB-TV. 

Abbot have been in the police force for 28 years.


Jurors on Monday were unable to reach an unanimous verdict in the case of a white former police officer, Michael Slager, charged with murder in the shooting and killing of black motorist, Walter Scott. Therefore a South Carolina judge,Clifton Newman has declared a mistrial.


The judge had asked jurors to deliberate on the case, but the jurors declare later they were unable to reach a decision, after deliberating for 22 hours a day for 4 days.

The video footage of Michael shooting Walter appeared online and attracted attention when the former police officer shot Walter with eight bullets from his gun while he was running away from him, and then placing a Taser near his body.

The deliberations of the case started on December 1st, and on Friday, one of the jurors was unwilling to convict Micheal Slager. A lot of criticism has also been poured out on the selection of the juror after the jurors for the case were all white, with just a black person, despite that the Charleston county where the shooting was done was 28% black community.

It was also reported that the juror that was unwilling to find Michael Slager guilty for the shooting was white.

Slager was fired from the police force, and later charged with murder after the video that shows him shooting Walter Scott was released.

According to a group, #bluelivesmatter, that in the past have denied the case of police brutality against black people could not justify Scott's actions.


There is a manhunt for a black man that shot a policeman in the head during a traffic stop, as he writes out a traffic ticket outside the police HQ in San Antonio, Texas.

The police officer, Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, a 20-year veteran of the department.


According to the report, Benjamin was writing out a ticket for a car, when another car pulled up near the stop, walk, towards the officer and shoot him, execution-style in the head. The driver of the car was wearing a black hoodie, and black trousers.


The police have not concluded investigation to be sure if the car that was stopped was connected to the killer.

The police have also released the footage of the car, asking for the public help in identifying the murderers.



A 17 year veteran with the Chicago police department was seriously beaten at an accident scene because of the National focus of police shootings of Black men and black lives matter in America. According to Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the officer had told him that she did not use her gun for fear of backlash;

         "She didn’t want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news"

The officer had gotten into a fight with a man who was under the influence of PCP, after she had stopped near a crash site in the Austin community on the Westside on Wednesday morning.  


The struggle between police officers and the man happened at near Roosevelt Road and Cicero Avenue at about 10 a.m. Police officers had seen a car crash inside a building, and saw the man walking towards the east on Roosevelt.

When officers stopped the man to talk to him, the man started struggling with them, hitting the female officer's head against the pavement till she was unconscious.

According to the police, the suspect smashed the face of the officer multiple times on the pavement, until she was unconscious. 

The officer's partner, then hit the man with a Taser and pepper spray, then get him arrested. Two other officers were injured before arresting the man, and all of them are now at Lutheran General, while the suspect was sent to Loretto Hospital.

According to police Superintendent Eddie Johnson; 

As I was at the hospital last night, visiting with her, she looked at me and said she thought she was gonna die, and she knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to because she didn’t want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news.


This officer could (have) lost her life last night. He’s hospitalized right now, but she still has the spirit and the bravery that these officers and firefighters display every day — every day.  We have to change the narrative of the law enforcement across this country.

Civil right activist have argued that the people no longer trust police officers in the country after decades of abuse. According to Jon Loevy, a civil rights lawyer; 

Any fair-minded person acknowledges that police have a very difficult and dangerous job, and this sounds like a very unfortunate situation. The hope is that the department and the community can work to repair some of the lost trust so that officers won't always feel so second-guessed.

The suspect has three convictions of firearms arrest and one conviction, as well as another three arrests, following which he was charged by either resisting police, fleeing and eluding police or both, according to police.



As more celebrities in the U.S. continues to talk about police violence, Serena Williams has also decided to lend her voice to the issue of police violence in the country after she found herself afraid of her life, and that of his nephew who was driving her.


The tennis star took to Facebook today and wrote a lengthy post on the recent police violence that took the lives of young African-American, and remembered how police shot the man, Philando Castile, driving with his girlfriend after a stop in Minnesota.

Williams compared the shooting of the man to the scenario where her nephew was driving, and blamed herself for not driving at that moment.

Read her Facebook post;



The officer involved in the Terrence Crutcher murder, officer Betty Shelby has now been charged with manslaughter by prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The death of the African-American men have drawn debate nationwide after the officer claimed that Terrence was reaching for something inside his car, but the family of Terrence claimed they have the video, and the windows of the SUV were closed.


According to the affidavit, Officer Betty was responding to a domestic call when he saw the SUV parked in a 2 lane road, blocking eastbound and westbound road.  The officer approached Terrence, who she claimed was mumbling and putting his hands in his pockets, and removing them.

Shelby then pulled out his weapon as officer Tyler Turnbough arrived at the scene and announce he is ready with a stun gun. 

Terrence then reached inside the car window of the SUV, prompting officer Tyler to use his stun gun, while officer Betty shot him in his right lung area, causing the man to fall down.

According to the document;

The officers at the scene found no weapons on or near Mr. Crutcher and no weapons were found near, inside, or in the vicinity of the vehicle. Officer Shelby made statements that she was in fear of her life and thought that Mr. Crutcher was going to kill her. When she began following Mr. Crutcher to the vehicle with her duty weapon drawn, she was yelling for him to stop and get on his knees repeatedly.

An arrest warrant for Shelby has now been issued, and an arrangement for her to surrender. 

In a statement by the state governor Mary Fallin, it reads;

 I pray this decision provides some peace to the Crutcher family and the people of Tulsa, but we must remain patient as the case works its way through the justice system, where a jury likely will be asked to decide whether officer Betty Shelby is guilty of the crime. And we must remember that in our justice system, officer Shelby is innocent until proven guilty.


The police department policy on killing black men still continues despite protest by various groups. The recent victim of senseless police shooting is a 40-year-Old Terence Crutcher, who was shot and killed by white police officers on Friday night.

A dashcam video released today shows police responding to a call at 7:43pm on Friday night, Crutcher was then seen walking towards a parked SUV with a female police officer pointing a gun at his back and follows him. Three officers then run after the pair. Crutcher then lowers his hand into the car, then seconds after, the 40 year old man hits the ground.


Terence Crutcher died at the hospital where he was taken after he was shot. 

An independent investigation was opened by the Department of Justice into the Tulsa Police Department's use of force during the killing.

Officers were reported to be responding to a different incident when they noticed Crutcher SUV on the 2-lane road. The police was walking to the SUV when walker approached them. police spokeswoman  Jeanne MacKenzie said that he failed to follow orders, she said;

 They continued to talk to him, he continued not to listen and follow any commands.

The police chief, Chuck Jordan said that one shot was fired by the police, and a taser was also deployed by a second officer. There was no gun on Crutcher or inside his SUV.

The officer that shot Crutcher is Betty Shelby, who has worked for the Tulsa police department since  Dec. 1, 2011. At the time of the report, Betty has been placed under administrative leave with pay.

According to Shelby's lawyer, Scott Wood, she had seen the SUV on the road, but nobody was inside it, she had checked around, and saw nobody. When she turned around, she saw Cruthcher and gave him numerous commands, which he ignored. He did put his hands above his head  for “periods of time,” Wood said.

She then told him to stop and get down on his knees, but Crutcher then put his left hand inside the driver's side of the car, prompting the officer to fire her gun.

Demonstrators gathered around Tulsa police courthouse to protest Cructher's death.

Watch the video here:



A 13-year old black boy, Tyree King, has been killed by a white police officer in Columbus, Ohio. King was fatally shot in an alley after police responded to an armed robbery report on Wednesday. 

He was shot after he appeared to have pulled out a weapon that was later determined to be a BB gun.


                                                            Replica of BB gun

The police released name of the police officer that killed Tyree King to be a nine-year old police veteran, Bryan Mason, and he has been placed on temporary administrative duty.

The Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs in a news conference said; 

We consider it a tragedy when something like this happens,This is the last thing any police officer wants.

How It Happened

It was before 8pm on Wednesday when the police responded to a report of armed robbery in the area. The victim said that a group of male had demanded money from him, and also threatened him with a gun.

After a short time, the police found a matching description of three males, including King. While the police tried to question King and his friends, they fled into an alley.

Police ran after King, and officer Mason shot King after he pulled out what appears to be a handgun from his waistband.

He was  transported to the Nationwide Children's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The second suspect was interviewed by the police, and was later allowed to go.

Did He Robbed The Victim?

The other suspect the police apprehended was interviewed and later ask to go by the police. The suspect, identified as Demetrius Braxton, 19, said that he was with King during the robbery and also during the shooting.

According to Columbus Dispatch newspaper, Braxton said;

I was in the situation. We robbed somebody, the people I was with. The cops said to get down. We got down but my friend (King) got up and ran.

He started to run. When he ran, the cops shot him.

Braxton said that King was shot four or five times, asking "Why didn't they tase him?"