5 Injured, Including Baby In Sydney, Australia After Car Ploughs Into Crowd

Five pedestrians have been reported injured when a car ploughs into the Cup Thai restaurant at Chatswood, northern Sydney, this morning. A woman was immediately rushed to the hospital after having serious condition, and four others injured, and also an infant was also taken away for treatment.


According to the statement from the New South Wales Police; The incident was not a deliberate act and it's believed the man may have suffered a medical episode.

The report suggested the incident that happened at 3.45pm local time is not terror related.

Police said they now have an exclusion zone, and the male driver is assisting them with what happened.

According to Neville Yates‏, who wrote about the incident on Twitter;

Just saw three people mowed down at the bottom of chatswood mall. Looks like driver had passed out. Three women hurt, hopefully ok

The world is currently in shock after 14 people were reported dead and 130 injured in Barcelona, Spain after a van ran into pedestrians and another  knife wielding man went on rampage in Finland killing two people.