6 Facts You Should Know Before Your Wedding

No denying its probably the most intense life subject, however, it's not as complicated as it could be. Well, it comes to mind that everything in life experiences the laws of nature which sometimes are based on principles that would forever be true.

Fact 1

Both partners have to sacrifice (Have to quit some things, establish some immovable and some common ground in general.

Fact 2

The Husband must learn to remain husband and wife must learn to remain wife. (this is rather a very important one in a generation of equality of gender, egoism, feminism and globalization at the expense of morality and upheld cultures. A time where women are so into proving they can do better at men's jobs rather than doing the things women were created specifically to do. Thereby, losing their uniqueness. Have you even thought of the neck asking to take the role of the Head and vice versa. But for one second, think of this also - the head never contradicts the neck when its time to move. Seems to me head will be fine if it's remains head and in sync with the neck and of course, that goes for the neck. In sync, there is always a functional body dynasty.


Fact 3: Avoid neutral poles

Funny how only the human can't properly section good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, white and black, right and wrong. Of course, these have evolved since human are the most undisciplined of the animal kingdom. In relationships, these neutral poles are the simile unharming... Like keeping any form of relationship your partner is not fully aware of or with former partner still having interest in you or just forgetting to say thank you or sorry at the moment when it counts the most. Of course, it's a long list goes on into neglecting important things that your partner regard has important; birthday, anniversary, dinner hangout and so on. Basically, those unharming and not deliberate things looking neutral to either partner. Neutral poles are the quickest to introduce distrust in relationships; from experts, we know that relationship where trust is, question is like flying with one wing.

Fact 4: Learn and listen

These are vital component that must be cultivated and never neglected. The danger is that they sound simple but they are actually the hardest. 

Most problems that spring up in a relationship have a root of been mentioned once or twice before. Either by the spoken words or act to reflect a disagreement or dislike of its appearance. Challenges, difference and believes germinates into problems when the component LISTEN and LEARNING are missing or disregarded. Depending on the partners or personality, reaction takes place or respond in some case. Always get your learning and listening components intact.

Fact 5: Respect

So sensitive yet underestimated in a relationship. The Couple needs to feel their spouse value them with the highest possible esteem. For some reason, human is built to feel a better sense of themselves when they are surrounded by loved one. However, the greatest kind of support is the one that comes from your family/ spouse or colleagues (depending on the context). If this support and respect is found missing in a relationship, it could be very devastating on the partners. Value and support each other. Just a note of warning, some personality types might need more or this than some other, we believe if component learning is functional, partners would notice their spouses earlier and better thereby, providing the ego boost needed to make the journey rosy and jolly. 

Fact 6: Love languages

Love is never enough! Yes,  but love is the starting ingredient. Whether its an arranged partnership/relationship or some phenomenal attraction, it must be noticed that there would be tough days and moments. A moment where you have to look at the situation of things and all you have is remaining faithful to your decision to love this person timelessly and truly, your commitment to stay and do all that has to be done, and your attitude to things- either to see a bottle as half filled(going to be filled someday soon) or half empty(going to be empty someday soon).

At this point, we dare to say Never forget to communicate in a "Native Language".

Everyone has a love language; some have more than one some have "all". However, it's more than important that we never forget to communicate in known languages.

There are 5 love languages, find your partner's and speak it well.

1- Words of affirmation

2- Touch

3- Gift

4- Help and time together

5-  Acts of service

Learn it, speak it and if the only way to keep the relationship working fine is to speak to each other from time to time... Please don't hold back. 

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