#AirbnbWhileBlack: Property Owner Decline Property For Black Man, Gave Him When He Had White Man Profile Picture

Airbnb user is slamming a racist property owner with hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack. According to 25 year old Greg Selden from Virginia in USA, he had asked about a property which he saw was available on Airbnb, but the host responded;

Hi Gregory! Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately the place is not available.

Surprised at the response of the owner, seeing that the date he had asked for was available, he decided to try an experiment on the website by creating a new fake profile, but this time, changed the profile picture of the user, with a new name, Jessie.


He then sends a new message to the property owner as Jessie, asking for the same day and time he had previously requested. To the surprise of Greg, the owner did not decline Jessie's request, he replied with;

 Please go ahead and book it if you are interested

Greg then switched back to is original account, and messaged the owner;

  I just want to let you know that I’m quite aware of you not renting to me because of my skin colour.


Playing the defensive position, he said;

  That’s totally not true...

      It’s a disappointment people like you always victimize yourself solely on the basis of your skin colour. Good luck.

Greg sent a message to Airbnb about his experience, but the company never gave him a response, so he took matters into his own hand with the tag, #AirbnbWhileBlack.


A lot of users have also supported Greg's claim that they had been rejected several times from Airbnb property owners because of their skin colour.