April 2016: Best April Fool's Day To Pull On Your Friends

It is about to be another April fools day, the All fools' day is celebrated with people playing pranks on each other and joke at each other. It is marked every first of April of every year.

We all have different jokes up our sleeves, and this just might be an addition to the jokes that you can play on your friends to make it all fun.

Use an opaque tape to block TV sensor:  This trick can be played with both friends or our parents. What you need to do is use an opaque tape to block the TV sensor, and see your friends or family member in a battle with the TV remote for minutes trying to figure out what has happened to the TV.


I am leaving you: Make sure the person you are about to prank is not too over sensitive, so they don't kill themselves after you drop the call. Call your girlfriend or boyfriend and tell them you just admission to a university or you met someone you like more, and you might be going for them.

Tell them you are sorry, but the relationship had to end now. See them ask a series of questions, don't answer any, then shout "April fools' day"

Crawling Insect: Put a plastic spider toy or any other creepy crawling insect you know your friends despise, we have seen a lot of girls hate spider or centipede, so this is a good way to start, place it on their arms while they struggle to wake up, or put it in the freezer, crawling on their cheese, while you control it from far away.

PS: Don't put this on their cloth when you know they will drive, this can cause serious accidents. Be careful

Things You Should Not Do At April Fools Day

1. If you are not fine with a particular trick done to you, don't pull such trick on your friends

2. Any trick that will land you in a police jail for few hours or put you in trouble with your neighbour of friends, don't do it.


                                                                          A surprise in the mailbox

3. Don't scare pregnant women. I remembered a pregnant woman running to her death after her husband acted like an intruder in their home.

4. If you live in the US, don't go to African-American neighbourhood and use the "N" word because you won't be able to tell them it is a prank, before you get "pranked" too

5. The whole world is on high alert now, don't try to do the bomb prank, you might get shot or arrested in the process.