Are you kidding? You don't have a LinkedIn Account. Go get an account now.

As a professional, sometimes I laughed at some colleagues of mine that will waste hours navigating all over Facebook, Instagram and sometimes other social networks out there. Nowadays, a lot of users on social networks keep increasing day by day. It is the best way to connect now, and it is fast.


Different people do join different social networks for different reasons. We all cannot ignore the fact that Facebook influence in recent years had allowed connections among different individuals around the globe. But it is funny when business professional will be lurking around on Facebook and not having a  LinkedIn profile.

                  "LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service"

Just like the italic word above, LinkedIn unlike other social network is a social networking, but business oriented. In a layman definition, It is not where you register to show us the photo of your trip to a cave or the place you share the picture of the omelet you had this morning. It is more or like official business.

Linkedln is a place to be, either you are working or not yet employed. You can share the knowledge of your work with young aspiring individuals that wants to be at that position in the future. Non-employed individuals can also learn from the working environment and also apply for a job in the LinkedIn job section.

One good thing about Linkedln is the connection tab. This is the part where you can connect with different individuals in your field. A business consultant will also connect with a business consultant or someone that will post something relevant to what he does everyday. Also, you can create groups or join different groups where you can contribute or share your opinions with other individual that share your view or learn more from them.

Recently, most recruiters will visit LinkedIn to search for different individual that match their job description and invite them for interviews, because when you use LinkedIn, you share your information. That includes your work experience, also your skills. It is like having your CV on a professional network.

Most importantly, let your friends know you are on LinkedIn and let them endorse your skills. This endorsement might allow people recognise your knowledge when you make contributions on the topic. Also a good ideais  to have the right people endorse you. Imagine Bill gate or Tim cook endorsing your software development skill on LinkedIn. I am sure everybody would respect their endorsement than a bunch of newbies just endorsing you for friendship purposes. So connect with the right individuals..

You might go to the top faster with LinkedIn than wasting all hours on Facebook..

Are you on Linkedln and want to endorse my profile and I do same, put your Profile link in the  comment section