Beanie Sigel Diss Meek Mill In Two New Singles

Beanie Sigel was recently with Meek Mill during the feud between the Philly rapper and L.A rapper, Beanie even appeared in Meek Mill reply  to rapper, The Game, in OOOUUU remix. 

Things take a new twist after The Game appeared on The Breakfast club with Charlamane tha god, Angel Yee and DJ Envy, and he said that his manager, Wacky and Beanie Sigel had squashed their own part of the beef after Beanie Sigel apologised and said he had only gone to help Meek Mill cousin, Omelly, write his own part of the diss track.


Not Happy with the statement said on the radio by The Game and his manager, Wacky, a friend of Meek Mill who was also in the studio when the OOUUU diss track was done went to the backstage of Bad Boys re-union concert, and gave Beanie Sigel a knockout

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Beanie Sigel have decided to send a message to Meek Mill with two new singles, back to back. The broad street bully first released, "I'm Coming", then follow it with"Goodnight"

In Goodnight, Beanie said;

I just beat you twice. The sad thing is, I really fucked with ya / I just feel sorry for whoever that’s stuck with ya / Good luck to ya / Ni**a, please / Young’n I’m out your league / I’m out your field / Let’s be for real / I can keep going, but that’s overkill.

The reason Philly even on the map,Me / The reason your silly ass raps / Me / Ungrateful motherfuckers / I tried to give you game that Jay gave me / To make the transition from the street to the fame / You got a little fame and tried to add street to your name / It ain’t the same.

Listen to the tracks here


Listen to Goodnight here