Best places to meet lovely people for friendship and more

She was dancing with all energy at about 12am. I have been sitting down watching her for approximately 4 hours and I have seen different men walk up to her to ask for a dance. I looked around, maybe the Guiness world record team are around to see how long she can dance because I can't understand how she can dance all those times without getting tired. I walked up to her and buy her a drink, one of my weakest point is a good dancer, don't know why, but I love when a lady dances like her life depends on it. 

Bar man please give her anything she wants and give me my usual. That is me trying to order and talk to this nice lady.

My name is Patrick, what are you doing here? It's my first time seeing you. After the bla bla bla from her, she told me that she just need friends and felt she could get one from a nice and lovely bar like this, since one or two friends have some men from some bar like this too...

Something inside me was going to laugh, something inside me told me wanted to shout stupid. But i decided to help her and i decided to give her some talk on places you could meet more better people.....

Online : Now it is the world of social media, everybody is always neck-bend playing around with one application or the other. Now we have thousands of applications that will get you around and also allow you meet good people. Most websites you used back then before now all have a mobile app and new ones are emerging. The truth is 70% of people on a chat application are either looking for a friend to will lead to a partner. You will probably meet better people here.


 Be careful when meeting people you met online though, make sure you meet in a public place and you do a check on them without them knowing...Good luck.

Colleagues/Workers/Team Building : This don't really work out most times, but meeting people in team building, camps or colleagues at work is actually a good thing. Though most offices will frown at this, that's ok. But if it is team building between different companies that just want to have a camping or a team building week and you meet the opposite person. It is usually a good thing. A lot of relationships will survive if both parties agree to taking it further than team building or their camping.


Accidental Meetings : Ok, when I say accidental meetings, this is probably the most common ways of meeting the opposite person. Accidental meetings occur unplanned, you just run into yourself and pick it up as matured people will do. Most marriages definitely comes from accidental meetings. Ask people around you. Some places you meet people unplanned includes :

A street (Just walking down a street sometimes could give you the opportunity of the family you always dreamt about)

The restaurants: Single ladies and guys will probably go have lunch or dinner alone sometimes. If you like yourselves. walk up to each other.

Concerts: This is romantic because it means you both love the same person you came to watch perform. This is the best way to start a conversation.

Shopping: When shopping and you can get in contact....just do it...


Religious Meetings : This might be one of the best places to meet friends you plan to stay with for a long time. Meeting people here is a good one because most of them have come there to humble themselves and follow someone that once lived a good life.  A religious place could be a Church, Mosque or Buddha place. 


Side Note

Don't you ever think meeting people at the bar is the right choice. Only few gentlemen will be at the bar after working throughout the week and want to relax. Some young men are just there to feed their eyes on a good woman's body and nothing serious. They might approach you and tell you how good looking you are and bla bla bla. But most young men you see at bars are just hunters and if you fall into their net. Goodluck .

Now you might be asking if good men go to bars? The answer is yes, they do, but not always. When they do like I said, they are not there to find something so serious. One African proverbs say, "the wife you marry  on a dance floor will probably dance off and leave you, that is her. " 

We are talking about different places to meet people and extend your friendship. We are not talking about how to meet people that will leave you in 4 years. How can a family that both parents drink to stupor have a family. The husband is not a husband material and the wife is in competition on who drinks more. So I will stand on my point that, a bar is not actually a nice place to get that special friend. If you dance so well, it is because i want you to do it again when we are together #GoFigure.

Goodluck on meeting that man or woman for a better relationship