Boko Haram and the Nigeria Goverment conspiracy

On a fine saturday afternoon but a deserted bornu street and a very hot sun.We decided to talk to some of the teens on the street and ask the same question everyone want answers to,  who are Boko Harams?...They looked at us and started running, without knowing what was in pursuit we all took to our heels too, after a Usain Bolt kind of 100m we looked back but just the same deserted street and the young boys looking from afar. That is when it dawn on us that he might have mistaken us for the deadly Boko Haram group operating in the northern part of the country.

Nigeria in recent years have faced different attacks from this group called Boko Haram, they have blowed up churches, kill individuals and people in groups, they have killed both Christian and Muslims in the northern part of Nigeria.


A lot of media houses have classified them as a cell of Al-Qaeda, with different conspiracy theory, but nobody can ascertain if this is true or just another kind of profiling...

The question asked by the writer is simple? Who are the Boko Harams?  Are they ghost or human like us, why are they still at large after 4 years killing innocent Nigerians? How can the deadly sect be another history in Nigeria?

This and more of these questions on the lips on many Nigerians since this sect started their operation in early 2010. Any attack don't just emanate from nowhere. It is a step by step planning. How did they get their guns, Armored personal carrier and the fighter jets they claim they have in their possession.

Before our trip to Bornu, we asked Nigerians in places like Lagos, and other neighbouring states.

Some views shared includes

 My brother, Boko Haram is not real, they are setup by the political parties that lost elections to the current administration, President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan. They don't want him to rule this country in peace, they only want to see him go down the drain or resign peacefully. But that will not work, i will support him to the end. Do you remember when one of the party chief of APC saying that if he Jonathan does not win, blood will flow...My brother, blood is flowing now. You will see that after the 4 years of this Jonathan Man, Boko Haram will seize, i tell you that.    Mr Tope Ojosipe-Lagos, Nigeria


Another View from another Nigerian citizen

 Boko Haram (smirks) Eveybody knows this is the only way the military government can make money from the civilian government. So you mean to tell me that the Nigeria Government can't capture Abubakar Shekau for over 3 years now? Do you know how much the government is using to sponsor the army against this group. The people at the top are filtering the money to themselves. When the military wants to work, they work, don't you know how they capture people during the military governement. When the military personnel sneezes, the whole street is empty. So now the Military can't capture Boko Haram. Do you know they told us Abubakar Shekau is dead, but he keep rising up again, and now he captured the 200girls from a school in Chibok, maybe a magician is helping him rise again. Let the Boko Haram touch a high grade officer in the military...(laughs loudly), then you will know Boko Haram is in real trouble.. Abiola Luke -Lagos Nigeria.

Another View from another Nigerian citizen

Boko Haram are very deadly and should not be played with, we hope the Nigeria government can bring down this group and let Nigerians worship and live in peace. I think the government needs our prayers and we hope this is a case of an obstacle and we will overcome in Jesus name. I have many muslim friends and they are not terrorist, infact my best friend is a muslim and she is one one of my best friend. My husband travels to Saudi Arabia every time to import things to the country and he already makes friends over there and they are really good people as well. Sometimes i wish the government should take all of this boys to Saudi Arabia to listen to the refined work of God and Allah does not tell anyone to sell girls...Please tell them to bring our girls. (Shouting : Bring Back Our girls ooooooo ehn ehn). Ms Mary Emeka -Abuja Nigeria.

 But who exactly are bokoharam? why have they been so powerful in the northern part of Nigeria?  We have read news online when the military do tell us the Bokoharam man, Abubakar Shekau is dead and we see in few weeks later threatening Nigerians all over again. What informations are the Nigeria security personnel covering up till now? Is it that the Boko Haram forces are more intelligent than the combined forces they have in Nigeria? We saw the recent attacks of this sect on the state security service headquaters in the country capital, Abuja to free up their arrested member. It is 4 years now, and the Nigeria forces dont seems to have a well documented profile of this man. What is the Boko Haram hierarchy like? so they know who to take out and when its important. Even if we are not in the security field, we see it in movies. I don't want to start by comparing countries, but a wise man once told me that, when someone passes through a lane and come out successful, make friends with them to know their challenges while passing through it. You don't need to start all the way through, because you might die in the process. Who are the Nigerian governement co-operating with in terms of Countries with more experienced in tackling terrorist? Because it doesn't seems the group wants amnesty or dialogue. They know what they want and that is "Kill them all" ... Will Nigerians and its government allows this sect to ruin the country right under their nose.

 Terrorism starts from small group of people, and just like unwanted plants in your house, if you don't clear them out, then you preparing for a thick bush, which will also bring in unwanted animals to your house. A lot of rumors fly by on how the  governement plays politics with people's live and only care about their political ambition. Example was the recent bomb in the Nigeria capital, Abuja. Few hours to the attack, the ruling party, PDP pointed to its active opponent APC that it had initiated the attack. This are ridiculous accusation looking at the fact that hundreds of their kinsmen just lost their lives.

Moving On, is there anything the Nigerian government is doing to end this insurgency. Currently in Chibok and nobody seems to want to talk with me, as i learnt before coming to Nigeria that a lot of people have lost their lives but the abduction of the girls have caused a widespread of different people talking about the sect. But an insider that won't like us to write his name sat me down under a mango tree, and whispering to me about the conspiracy theory that might have recently happened about the girls that the world was told was kidnapped. Below are his words in quote,

You need to arrest the school principal and ask her some questions on what actually happened, a lot of issues are not solved yet..She had 2 sides to her story. She said she was at a medical check up if you check the Nigerian punch newspaper, but the same lady said she led the 200 girls into the truck as they were taken away as the Bokoharam disguised as soldiers. Why didn't she go with them if  she led the girls into the terrorist truck, why didn't she includes her daughter. And why is her story changing (Looking round and taking a glass of an unknown drink, walks around his compound like looking for spy around his fence).

(He continues)

You have to be careful nowadays my friend. Did you know that the exam body that conducted the exam already warned the governor of Bornu state of not doing the exam in Chibok, yet he said No, that the girls should write their exams in Chibok and security will be provided to them. Where is the security he promised? or you just talk and go to your office without action. See my reporter friend. This people know somethings i dont know, and you want to know, but will not tell you. I live in fear and pray to Allah, not to be shot while i sleep or go out to games with my friend on weekends. A lot of my friends are gone (saying some words in arabic). This people are playing with the poor man lives.

Those are the words of the man that begged to be anonymous as he decides to speak to us in low tone. Is there something the Nigerian government are truly hiding? Is is true the terrorist attack will stop after the current office term of the president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.As some Nigerians believe it's all because he is not from the northern part of the country.At the moment different people have been supporting the hashtag #BringOurGirlsBack. We will continue to bring more news and opinion from Doynews -----Rita for DoyNews