Breaking News : Gunman Takes Hostages In Sydney

Australia, Sydney : An unidentified man had taken people hostages inside a cafe in Sydney. The terrorist had entered the Lindt Cafe and held people hostages.More than 20 people were said to be at the Cafe at the time of the attack. At the moment, everybody is asked to press their hands against the glass wall, both staff and customers.

Photo credit :Daily mail online

A woman who had been crying profusely held the black flag that shows the terrorist had taken over. At the time of this report, an Arabic sign yet to be translated, but looks like the ISIS flag. You will recall a lot of Australians had joined the ISIS group in Iraq in the last few months and also an Australian dad that took one of his son who he told to play with a head that had been beheaded by the terrorist group.


At the moment, all the building around the Lindt cafe are now cleared out, one of the newsroom of Seven news network tweeted all about the incident from her twitter handle, @mia_burns7



Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims inside the cafe and their family. We hope the Australian forces will be able to make this go away without the records of people's death