Buu Ngoc FC Emerged Winner In The Second Edition Of Solomon Bamidele Junior Competition

The annual SBJ 5 Aside competition for the year 2015 happened last weekend in Saigon. The game was action-packed with all the coaches, football fans cheering their various teams. The annual game is an invitation to bring soccer fans together from all over the country to enjoy a weekend of the game. 


Speaking before the opening of the game, president and organizer of the annual tournament, Solomon Bamidele Junior (SBJ), thanks all the players and fans who were all seated at the stands, and advise that the game should be a fair play, and should be seen as a way to promote unity among the different players, whether Vietnamese, African or other nationalities among the crowd.


While talking to newsmen about the future of the tournament, SBJ said that the tournament going forward will send out invitation to other countries around Vietnam to come enjoy the game of football, uniting countries, teams and football fans across Asia and beyond.


At the end of the 2 days tournament, Bui Ngoc FC won the trophy, after thrashing Metro FC in the finals by 3-0, and Giadem Fc was in the third position.