COVID-19 Conspiracy Of "Agenda 21" On The Internet, Mark Of The Beast And More

As Covid -19 puts every country on lockdown, internet conspiracy has started to spin conspiracy theory that the recent virus is the start of end of the World, while some have called it a start to the mark of the beast, some section of the internet also believes that it is the way the government intends to lock everybody inside their house, so they can erect 5G mast, which in turn will cause cancer. Among the conspiracy or round up of the whole theory is Agenda 21.

What is AGENDA 21?

It is one of the oldest conspiracy theories that had been till date, it is the believe that there will be a totalitarian world, and government coming together to kill the world population. The idiocy of the latest internet craze said that the world government with China at the forefront, plus George Soros and people in the UN, are looking to depopulate the world from 8 Billion to 750 Million, think Thanos in the Avengers.

Agent 21 was a non-binding United Nations resolution that provides an action plan for government with regards to sustainable development that was signed in 1992.


YouTube And Facebook On Agenda 21

 A Facebook page, United States Of Africa have also claimed that the recent epidemic is the Western world tactics to reduce population in Africa, even though the number of deaths in Africa is lower than they have seen in the USA or Italy.


The common theme to  be able to be save oneself from Agenda 21 according to these conspiracy theorist is rejecting the vaccines. A lot believes Corona Virus is a plot to crash the economy and allow for government to create conditions for greater government control of lives and businesses.


While it is quick to call some of these people with this mindset slow minded, Republican senators and US politician like Ted Cruz and Newt Gringrinch have echoed the agenda 21 at their different speeches.

What to do?

These are convincing times for everybody, especially the corona virus pandemic, and it is also an avenue to sell video views, merchandise and create fake celebrities for themselves, think Alex Jones saying that Sandy Hook was a hoax, also remember the US President once called the Corona virus something that will leave when the summer comes as the virus won't survive heat so much, and it will leave like a miracle, but at the time of these reports, 8,492 people have died more than WTC on September 2011, with only 2,606 deaths.

So what the editorial paragraph is just giving you is to be proactive, stay inside your house, when you go out, use something to cover up your nose, and wash your hands..Don't watch non-educating videos on YouTube or Facebook, or join new Facebook group that wants to scare you to believe their theories, don't be an airhead. Think, but do it wisely.