Download Ninite (All in one installer)

Ninite is an all in one installer. Imagine you just installed a new OS in your computer. You will then need to install all the applications one by one. You can either do it one by one or use Ninite to pick all the software you want to install and let Ninite handle the installation. It will just run in the background and install all the selected applications with default settings. Even if your computer is not new you can still find a few applications from the list and install with ease.

You should download at

1. Visit the Ninite website, for windows or linux.

2. Pick the software you need to install, when you done, click the GET INSTALLER
3. Ninite will automatically install and will then download all software you have picked on the website...Downloading and installing will take few minutes depending on your choices and your network

4. Close the program when you done.

Ninite will also look for update if any of the software you unstalled with it are updated....