Drunk Man Goes Into Neighbour's House, Killed Him Because He Thought It Was His Home

A Missouri man, Michael Augustine, 43, of Raytown entered into neighbour's Clifton King,60 a military veteran home and killed him while drunk because he thought he was in his home.

Drunk Augustine entered his home because he believed it was his home, and put the real owner, Clifton King into a chokehold, then called 9/11 to report that intruders are in his home. When police went to Augustine home, he was not there, and when police searched around the area, they found Augustine on King, and he told police "That’s right. I f---ed him up!"


When police checked King's pulse, he was found to have died, and was later declared dead at the hospital. 

Officers later reported that Augustine was drunk his breath smelled strongly of alcohol, and his words were gibberish.

He is now charged with involuntary manslaughter.