Duterte Threatens He Will Instruct Police To Shoot Human Right Activist For Obstructing Justice

The Philippines President Duterte is not backing down on his war on drugs, and after criticism from human rights groups, Duterte warns that he might just order the police to shoot them so they will understand what human rights violation means.


The president makes the remark at the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) members' conference, and the members of the audience applauded his remarks. Duterte said "Sabihin mo, 'Pulis, barilin mo na 'yang kasali diyan' (Tell them, 'Police, shoot those who are part of it'), he added "Para makita talaga kung anong klaseng human right (So they can really see the kinds of human rights),"

Duterte said on Wednesday August 16 that if their groups are obstructing justice, they should be shot and killed too. He said the human rights groups are always ready to condemn his actions, but will not condemn actions of the criminals committing the heinous crimes.


Duterte then talked about the killing and raping of a 1-year old, he then asked "Where was the human rights? they never condemned the actions, but when it comes to getting these criminals, they are quick to scream "human rights violations,"

Duterte later went on to insult Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairperson Chito Gascon, who in the past had been critical of Duterte war on drugs and threats to kill. Duterte called him "ulol na mestizo" (fair-skinned fool).

Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is tasked on checking human right abuses by state forces.