FBI Arrests Woman That Hired Hitman To Kill Boyfriend For Insurance Money

Rasheeda Johnson Turner, 35, appeared in court yesterday after she was arrested last month for wanting to kill his boyfriend, but the hitman she hired turned out to be a FBI informant.

The woman was looking to end the life of her 55 year old sugar daddy, and cash out his $150,000 life insurance policy, and offered to pay the hitman $50,000 for the hit. 


Before she met with the FBI informant who was posing as a hitman, Turner had approached another hitman who told her he was not going to do the job. It was then the FBI knew she was hunting for a hitman, and bait her with their own informant.

According to the court report, Turner called the informant at Dec. 3 and asked that they meet at the Lakewood park. While driving around, Turner was telling the informant, who by now was wearing a wire. She said; " I was gonna off blood myself, but it’s hard because I got a kid." She seems to be referring to her sugar daddy as blood.

She also said she had obtained "pure acid" from a plumber, and would rent a room, lure the victim inside to use it, but also fear her kid would interrupt. That was when she opted for hiring a third party to do the work.

She said

"Once he is dead, I get the death certificate. Then they pay me—what?—within 30 days, the life insurance or whatever…"

On Dec. 8, for the fear of her beau seeing another, she decided to kill him fast before the other lady make him change the insurance beneficiary name. She called the supposed hitman, and because Turner had an app to track her lover whereabouts, she gave this information to the informant.

The informant had gotten other information in their previous meetings.

She paid the killer, and confirmed payment, then gave the location of his whereabouts to the supposed hitman. The FBI instead contacted the victim, and went ahead to arrest Ms Turner.