FIFA 2014 group stage prediction: Agree or Disagree?

The sport that brings us all together is fast approaching. As of the writing of this prediction, the game is in 22 days, 4 hours 23minutes. Are you not excited yet? Well, we are excited here at Doy News and we are bringing our own opinion of what we happen in the group stages. We will have 8 groups and 4 teams in a which of the team is likely to go ahead and which of it is likely to return back to their country. This is a prediction and you can agree or disagree via comment.

  Qualifying team : Brazil and Mexico 
                              A very tough group I will say, but Mexico has always had that spirit that drives them to achieve. I am 100% sure Brazil will qualify from this group.
  Qualifying team: Spain and Netherlands
                             Chile is a good team, but will have a big barrier on the road when they meet Spain and The Netherlands. I would have considered Australia, but this is not Rugby.
   Qualifying team: Greece and Japan

                            That was a tough one, Cote D' ivoire and Japan are a match, so it's a 50-50 match between both team. But Japan love some surprising goal. So let's wait till then.

 Qualifying team : Italy and Uruguay

                           A lot of readers would disagree with me not selecting England. But England are not always predictable, they come with high spirit and play other wise. SoI will stick to Luiiiiz Suarez                              team.

 Qualifying team : France and "any lucky team"

                            Not so sure of the team in the group, but with the team in this group, it's a guarantee for France, even if they all dance playing, they will qualify.

 Qualifying team : Argentina and Nigeria

      Iran is a good team, but most times are only there for 6-0 or 8-0.. Bosnia and Herzegovina lacks the world cup experience. If the Nigerian team is serious, they should qualify easily from this              group even though Argentina will give them a worth of their money..

Qualifying team : Germany and "Any lucky team"

                       A very tough group I will say, but Mexico has always had that spirit that drives them to achieve. I am 100% sure Brazil will qualify. The German team had a lot of experience since their                         last world cup game. Portugal is a great team, but they might just have some problem in the camp and bring it up to the field of play. The USA many years ago would not gain much                              attention from me, but their South Africa world cup game scares football fans and who knows what they have in sleeves now. Ghana is a strong team you can't cancel out, their spirit of                      football is Godzilla, when you think they tired, they just boost up and throw another goal at the back of the net. So I will love to see all matches in this group.

Qualifying team : Korea Republic and Algeria

                        I am not sure of the Russian team, so i don't think they will qualify from the group stage. The belgium team always have some weak sport, so i am not sure you can survive such in the World cup game. The Algerians are looking good in this group if they keep playing the same football they play over the years..

 Image credit: Snapshot from FIFA

 This are just predictions and you know i am not Octopus paul, but sometimes we have to see what we have and what have been done to predict this very big game. Do you think some predictions are wrong. Write comments and tell us your opinion

 Anna Paul for Doy News