Five Saudis Sentenced To Death For Jamal Khashoggi Murder

Five Saudis have now been sentenced to death for the death of Jaml Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi government, who was killed in the Saudi's embassy in Instanbul, Turkey. Another three others have also been sent to jail for the same murder.


An operation the Saudi government has tagged "rogue operation" and in the heat of the investigation has accused the Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman of knowing about the operation, something he has denied in different interviews, and in October during another interview said he took "full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia, especially since it was committed by individuals working for the Saudi government".

A senior aide, Saud al-Qahtani, was sacked and investigated but was later acquitted due to insufficient evidence. Former deputy of intelligence, Chief Ahmad Asiri was also investigated, but he was acquitted due to the same lack of evidence.