Girl Live streamed Her Suicide On Social Media After Boyfriend Breaks Her Heart

18 Year Old, Ms. Nittaya Sawatdiwan has committed suicide by jumping in a river in Thailand. The lady was filmed on the Rama 8 bridge and jumping in the Chao Phraya river in Thailand.

The video was captured by her taxi driver Pattharadanai Noomarinart, whom was said to be either an Uber driver or the driver of a taxi-sharing app in the city. The driver is now facing massive criticism by the people who said he could have helped the young girl to overcome her suicide thoughts and not standing behind the camera.


The driver was later apprehended by the police, and in his discussion with the police, he had picked up the lady, who appeared to be crying, drinking while complaining about her boyfriend. She later requested he take her to the bridge.

While at the bridge, Nittaya Sawatdiwan asked that the driver stayed with her and shoot the video, also paid him extra to wait with her. Pattharadanai told police he could not stop the girl from jumping because he had no thought she had planned to kill herself.

Due to the content of the video, we will not share link to the suicide...Thanks