Hate Messages: Radio Biafra, Why Nigerians And Responsible Igbos Should Ignore It Now

So i heard about a radio Biafra trending on Twitter, i never bothered to check it out, i just feel it is one of those paid for trending topics on Nigeria Twitter, until NBC released a note criticizing the radio messages and asked Nigerians to ignore it and their hate messages.


So I went ahead and listen to the radio for few minutes, i heard people calling in to the on-air program and heard them analysing how Nigerians have abandoned states Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, especially Enugu and the caller was saying, people should go to Lagos and see how they are restructuring Lagos, but government never had anything to do with Enugu, and Enugu people are not doing anything, the caller urged all Enugu citizens to start getting ready to fight and they must secede from Nigeria, they use derogatory terms like Zoo to call Nigeria and Federal Republic of the Animal Kingdom. I also saw a lot of posts by some so-called Igbos on Facebook using the same terms, i was late to hear all this happening, because i don't make friends with just anybody on social networks, so it saved me the embarrassment. The Igbos i have, we all about success and moving on with the good life.


The radio presenters probably believed they are doing Igbos a lot of good by making a radio station online where they can instigate violence and tell Igbo to stand up for themselves, because according to them, "Yorobbers" and the "Fulanis" are enjoying the country more than they themselves and they are denouncing the country, Nigeria.

The truth many of these people don't know is that we all know the start of war, the end is never known, you all feel you can ask people to carry up and ammunition and start killing Nigerians, you feel Nigerians will fold up their arms and start looking, you said you want people to start fighting, but the radio presenters are hiding in the UK/US and instigating Nigerians to hurt themselves. It is 2015, and am not sure why anyone would still harbour such hatred among their fellow countrymen. It is barbaric.

The whole Biafra thing happened and we moved on, Ojukwu came back to Nigeria, his wife is currently ambassador to Spain, and Nigeria's permanent representative to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), we are integrated, we might not like it, but we have to make Nigeria progress, am sure, well-meaning Igbos will not buy this idea at this year 2015. What is the motive of secession? Why do you want to be a country now? Do you think that will make Igbo states look like the USA in 10-20 years? Have you checked countries that have seceded in the past 10 years, what have they achieved that is giving all the radio callers and presenters a courage to secede. Just last year, Scotland is fighting to remain in the United Kingdom, am sure Scotland as a country looks far better than the Nigeria we all live now, but they want to remain in the UK, Why? They don't want to be independent. In Northern Ireland, 98.9% still want to be part of the United Kingdom as well. 


Check out the countries that have seceded in the last 10 years and tell me what is your inspiration for secession. South Sudan, were the latest African nation to shout "Freedom" and were happy for their freedom from Sudan, but they are currently facing economic collapse now and their leader is facing another UN sanction and they have to airlift food to the people living in this place.

Do I Care If The Igbo Leave?

This is not a "Please-stay-we-will-miss-you" post, this is a I dont really care post. If Biafra wants to leave tonight, and my signature is needed, i will sign it immediately, if there is a poll for them to leave, i will also vote for them to leave, Africans always believe in what they can achieve now that will make them happy, never think ahead, it is so sad nobody is also helping them think ahead.

The Biafra war really affected the Igbos, and secession will do them no good, take my words. It will only bring back what happened back in the days of Ojukwu back again. 

I am just writing this because of the security problems will have in Nigeria. Instigating people from your online radio is a bad idea. When Ken Saro Wiwa was going to fight for Ijaw people, he faced the red-face Abacha and did it on his father's land, when Ojukwu decided it is time to secede, he did it on his father's land and fight till he could not. When Asari and his boys shouted and were not heard, they did not go to a radio station in USA/UK to fight, they stayed home and organize their troops. 

I am not sure they have their real names released to the public yet. They just keep playing hate song and preaching hate messages. I was angry when they said the Igbos should go ahead and start destroying all "Yorobbers" monuments or anything that gives them money. This is hate, and it is time the Nigeria government work with International security agencies to fish them out. The truth is, nobody in Nigeria is scared of Biafra radio or its messages, though that is the way the crew in Biafra radio are feeling now. The government is not looking into it, but this is how we have Boko Haram, ISIS and co. We hope the hate messages can stop after the radio presenters are arrested.

Preach and don't preach violence. It is simple.


I am not suppose to say this in here, but i feel, we should clear the air between Yoruba, Hausa and Igbos tribal people. This section might be a little bit Stereotypical, but is is a 100% fact. The radio presenters said that the corruption in the Nigerian government is mainly by the Yorubas and they had stolen the money in Nigeria along with the Hausas to build their states, but whenever an Igbo man steal a little bit of same money, they are arrested and prosecuted in court, the presenter went ahead and gave names like Dimeji Bankole.

This is when i know that the owner of the Biafra radio or managers are completely daft. Are you justifying crimes on your so-called radio station? Dimeji Bankole is a criminal and in court, all Nigeria  politicians are thieves, and it is a routine, the person that needs to be prosecuted are prosecuted. What do you have to say about Stella Oduah, the lady that bought 250million bulletproof cars, she is still walking jail-free and nobody is blinking an eye, a lot of ethnic bigots on Nairaland thinks people are angry she is Igbo, who cares where she is from. This lady said on national television that plane crashes under her administration are acts of God, and nobody can stop it. You want Nigerians to keep her to make the Igbo people happy...De la ca loco bia a ne ba (I want to slap someone right now). You blame the Boko Haram people for staining the Nigeria name abroad, and people tag you Boko Harams..Well, wait, let me share my story because am also abroad, so calm down.

Any foreigner that tags you Boko Haramist is a stark illiterate, when Ebola came to Nigeria, i still leave with my housemates who are people from other nationals and we never get to the point since i never left where am living to Nigeria, meanwhile a lady said have i checked myself because she heard Ebola is in Nigeria, i told her yes, the Ebola flew 10,000 miles just so am a Nigerian, and maybe it will bite your behind in 10minutes if you don't walk out of my sitting room. We all need education at some point with a bit of mockery.

Once a mom of mine visited me and was going back to Malaysia, a guy approached her and ask if my mom can help with her baggage as she passed her own hand-luggage, my mom was reluctant and the immigration asks her what is the problem, she said she is thinking of helping the lady, the immigration officer said, be careful if she is Igbo, she might be hiding something. That was when i received the call from my mom, and i said she should not help the person...Yes, i did say that. 20-40kg, it is always on the airline website, while tried to be Nigerian with everything.

A lot of immigrations officers in most countries know this....

I am not attacking Igbos now, but if you Google "Nigerians in *any country* prison" will show names of different Igbo and maybe 1 or 2 Yoruba people who are either accomplices or just yahoo yahoo..Please go ahead and Google, stop pointing fingers for the bad Nigeria image will have now, we all have contributed to it, the drug syndicates running overseas in all Asian countries is by the Igbos. Do you think this is why Ojukwu wanted secession? Is this what you plan Biafra to be. The drugs peddling, scams in overseas is what gives Nigerians the hardship of entering these countries. Once you present your green passport to any country's immigration, the immigration officers will just be on fire, because they need to check 100%, and ask irrelevant questions they never ask people before you. Nigerians used to give their passport to hotels and go to immigration in Qatar to renew their passport, but in the last few years, they had to go through hell to have a visa done, if you know how much it cost Nigerians to have a Visa in South East Asia because of what some Igbo boys had done. You remember the Bali Nine in Malaysia, how many Yoruba or Hausa could you count?



Why am i writing all this? I am not writing all this to paint any tribe red or black, this is just to counter what i heard on the Biafra radio yesterday. It is like listening to ISIS asking to go kill civilians, South Sudan seceed peacefully. Stop telling Igbos to go and murder Yorubas and Hausas or spoil their monument. We all have contributed to the failure of Nigeria, am sure you will agree with things i have said in this post, you are free to counter it, i will be happy to respond.


Stop the hate messages Radio Biafra, if you are ready to go, table your agenda to Nigerians and let it start, but we don't want another Boko Haram or civil war in Nigeria. We are bad already, worst will kill us...