Have you been keeking? Learn about KEEK now

Keek me in, Keek me in is the latest trend among friends and celebrities now, there have been internet uproar of this latest application called KEEK.  If you have been using Instagram before now, we all know its used to take random pictures and post it on different social networks for everyone to know what is happening to you....Great huh?                 

 But Hurray we have a new application/web service now that allows you to record some minutes video of what you are doing....and post it online, the video are random stuffs, like what you are doing at a particular time..
Remember This:
Twitter: writing what you are doing or what you are up to.
Instagram: pictures of you or what you are doing.
Keek : what you are doing in the form of Video..Quick Video
Isn't that awesome....Technology is advancing...so get your application on Android, iOS and blackberry....And if you don't have a smart phone sad .i can feel your pain now, but not too worry ...get on your Computer webcam and Keek it Up...hohohohoho
And please let a boxer know that KEEK is an application, so you don't have a before and after shouting KEEK ME...KEEK ME