Health risks while using computers

Using computers for long hours may cause eye problems and spinal cord problems. Some of the common health risks in using computers are Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Stress/Strain Injury (RSI). Pain from shoulders to fingers, numbness, numbness at the wrist, Shivering and shaking while holding objects in hands, Waking up often during nights are also problems faced by some computer users. The main symptom of CTS is the pain in the hand muscles. Pain, straightness, swelling, numbness in hands, legs, shoulders and the back are symptoms of RSI. Since these diseases occur due to work, they are called Occupational Hazards.

 Here are some tips for daily computer users to prevent and protect yourself from CTS and RSI:

  •  Keep your shoulders loose
  • Rotate your elbows at frequent intervals
  • Keep your wrist straight and parallel to the table while typing
  • When you look straight from your chair, you should see the top end of the monitor. If you can’t see then increase your chair’s length.
  • The distance between your eyes and the monitor should be at least 60 CM
  • Always sit straight. Never bend and look at the monitor. You should sit straight and look at the monitor straight neither bending your head down or tilting up.
  • Your back should always rest against the chair
  • Your feet should always touch the floor
  • After every one hour of working, you should take 5 minutes break. In this five minutes leave your computer chair, take a walk in your office, stretch your fingers and stretch your body.
  • Close and open your eyes often, to prevent the eyes getting dry.
  • After every half hour of working at the computer, for two minutes take your eyes Off the monitor and look at objects very far and give some exercise to your eyes.
  • Drink water often
  • Eat healthy food
  • Buy keyboard, mouse and computer chair based on Ergonomics design
  • Exercise daily
  • Culled  from: Allpctips