How to Connect with different IP Addresses on Windows Without Using any Software(Free IP for Mac, iPhone/iPad,Android OS)

I will teach you how you can connect to the internet with another IP address via VPN without installing any software on windows. The method you are about to learn is the simplest way of connecting to any country IP Address. if you are one of the users of HOTSPOT SHIELD, Am a fan too.You will notice that most of the website can easily identify your IP and notify that you using a proxy and possibly block the information you want to get...If you watch Online TV series that are aired only in USA, and you have been using some of these proxy like hotspot shield...sorry to break your bubbles...They don't work anymore...I know you like to confirm now...Common Go Ahead...Visit and watch TV...

 Am going to teach you how to access country like Italy, United Kingdom and USA, if you are the curious sure you can always get more IP addresses later by searching the internet...but i will give you some simple ones you can use lets go..
Note: We are not downloading any software, so just follow my steps now..will you?

Steps 1
 Click Start and search for Network and sharing Centre


Step 2

On windows 7, you will see the image below, click the link in red Box/rectangle to move to the next step


Now note: In a lame man language, PPTP( Point to point tunneling protocol) is just like any other VPN, you will need your internet connection, so its like accessing a remote computer at i.e your workplace. Simply because many organisations that login from remote locations sometimes prefer using VPN of the workplace. So let assume there is a particular server that your network administrator allow only your Company IP address to  access...immediately you can access this IP address, then you can access the resources you need at the particular moment..of course this is just  trying to enlighten you..not too important



Step 3
 So if you follow the above steps, you should be seeing this next step. Choose the Highlighted text " Connect to a workplace"

            PPTP connection

 Step 4
 So if you follow the above steps, you should be seeing this next step
 Dont forget we are going the easy don't stress
Choose " No, Create a new connection"

                  Create a new connection

Step 5
This is the next step, So this is where we need to choose the highlighted step, am assuming you have an internet connection..

            Connect to a workplace

Now this is where its get interesting..we need a working  internet address(IP), with user name and password...Dont be hard on yourself yourself..i i will show you for this link to get your IP server name, username and password.  The website offer free PPTP IP address, so you can go in there anytime, get the country you like with free username and the password.


Please Note: These Server name, username and passwords expire every 2 hours i guess... if am you now, i will bookmark the website i can check it up anytime when needed. also note when the address expire after 2 will be disconnected,of course the setting changes...Read On....i will tell you what next to do in this situation

Step 6
This is the next step you will be seeing on your computer now.You see where we have internet address, you need to one of the VPN servers available on the website.for this blog now, lets use one of the UK ip address on the website. 

So where we have internet address

 Internet Address
 Destination Name : Boss Network , Of course you can use any name in the destination name.
 Click Next

 Step 7


Now its username and password...go back to the website and copy this
  Username : FreeUk
  Password : copy and paste password from the website above
  Choose remember password, so you don't have to input password every time you want to use this connection
Immediately you click CONNECT Your computer will start connection to this remote server, It will try to know if you have the right password...if you copied the right user name and password, you will get connected..
 Immediately you see registering on the network, then you are a boss ..i mean boss of your computer


 Click close
 Lets check if you are truly connected, you know we used a UK VPN Server, Now rush to

 I just switched to a UK IP and can check Facebook if my network wont allow me, i can watch TV series if my Country IP is blocked.. bla bla bla

Sometimes, you feel, "am bored with this UK ip, i want to watch HULU or listen to pandora", seems Hotspot shield is not the best to watch Hulu nowadays..

 so what you need to do is :

Step 9

Right click on The VPN network (Boss Network) ............Click on properties and you will see this:

Go to the website, copy any USA IP address you like, i want to use the second IP Address on the list now.....  so delete the and paste your new USA Vpn server
  Disconnect your Uk IP now.... Right click Boss network again and click connect
You will see this dialog box


Go to the website and copy the user name and password, insert it as above...and you will be able to connect easily..When connected...go to now and see for yourself.


Whoops Whoops, You just changed your IP without any software, You can use this too for Mac, iPad/iPhone and your Android Smartphones.

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Thanks for reading