How to detect Fake websites

Hi Friends,

I know most people are interested in this blog about fake websites, well we have an uncountable amount of websites online, and we come across different websites each passing day, either the websites were recommended by trusted friends or by Google.

  However, it's always good to be on the safer side when on the internet because different some internet user love putting down information online when they come across websites with the colorful and well modeled interface, but I must warn you, that though we are not sure, we should try to be security conscious of information we let go online. Well, I know of a very good ADD-ON you can use to detect fake website.

Well, some people want to know what add on is called:

A definition from Wikipedia has this: a piece of software which enhances another software application and usually cannot be run independently.

The add-on are used to complement another software...maybe breaking it down..I can say Add on is not technical just for novice...lmao

So to detect a fake website, install this add-on software on your web browser:


WOT............what is WOT?

WOT is an add on for web browsers to help detect fake and dangerous websites and report to the internet user immediately. It warns users of a fake website the user is visiting by showing a large pop on the screen of the computer system.

How does WOT work?

WOT works on people reviews and comment, different internet users decided to help themselves by publishing and reporting fake websites on WOT, so immediately you access the website ignorantly. WOT pops up a message to alert you of the risk you might be facing using such a website.

How do I install WOT?

Installing WOT is easy, all you have to do is: goto Google and search, WOT add on for Mozilla Firefox if you use Mozilla Firefox and use this search parameter for other web browsers you are using on your computer system.

Check the site, click installs and waits for the installation to take place,your Mozilla might want you to allow the add on before installing, click installs and after the installation, it alerts you to restart your Mozilla, restart, and you are done installing WOT.


I am happy to tell you that WOT works on mostly all the popular web browser around. It works on Mozilla Firefox, google chrome(my best web browser), safari and internet explorer, if you don't use any of this, kindly use the google search pattern I gave you earlier on this blog.

How many minutes does it take registering on WOT after installation?

You don't need to register your account before using it, just install and use WOT, you can help report fake website too by registering as well, so u can write a comment on a website if you are sure its a bad one. 

I don't seem to understand few things here, can you explain more?

Yes, it's a pleasure. You can send a mail with questions bothering you by putting a comment up this blog. I will reply as soon as I can.

How am I sure this WOT is working after installation?

Check the toolbar on your browser, you will see a green ring shape. It is the WOT symbol, green means the website is OK, RED means run away from the website. Orange means averagely OK. You might want to think using such a website .

Can I check the WOT website?

Yes, sure, check it up here