How To Help Houston Victims Affected By Hurricane Harvey And Avoid Scams

The recent Hurricane Harvey in Houston has displaced more than 30,000 people, and why the Federal and state government have tried helping the people, there are several organizations on the ground that are also helping victims of the flood.


The heavy landfall had dropped more than 2ft of rain, according to the National Hurricane Cente, the current flooding will continue around Houston and Beaumont/Port Arthur and into southwest Louisiana till the end of this week.

If you are not around the area of the flood, and looking to help victims of the flood, please contact this reputable organization, while we implore you do your own research to know where to help victims, our list might be a good way to start.

List Of Disaster-Relief Organizations In Texas.

Global Giving: This organization is looking to raise around 2million for the Houston. Global giving pride itself as the largest crowdfunding community, and said the funds will be used for foods, shelter, water and immediate needs for the flood victims, and the rest of the fund will be used used for long term recovery effort.

Gofundme: Another crowdfunding website has set up a homepage for Hurricane Harvey relief. This allows families and friends to help with the relief fund for people in the area of the flood, and also funds for Harvey Disaster animal funds.

The Salvation Army: The Salvation army is providing food and water for first responders, and also residents of the flooded area that needs help. You can help by visiting their link and donate to their cause.

Salmaritan's Purse: If you are also looking to donate, or volunteer to help victims of the flood, you can join the Salmaritan's purse. They are accepting donations and volunteers.

 The Greater Houston Community Foundation: This foundation was established by the Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. The foundation connects donor with networks of non-profits and innovative solutions in the social sector.

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center : This centre is asking for blood as they report critical shortage of it. To donate, please call call 210-731-5590 or visit their website for more information.

Carter BloodCare: If you are  North, Central and East Texas and you want to donate, please call 877-571-1000 or text DONATE4LIFE to 444-999.

L.G.B.T.Q. Disaster Relief Fund: The area is managed by the Montrose centre, and it is for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population. You can help by donating to the relief fund and also you can volunteer by clicking on the shared link.

United Way of Greater Houston: This group is helping with immediate needs and recovery,and also long term services like home repairs. To donate to this people,kindly visit their website, or text text UWFLOOD to 41444..

Airbnb: The popular vacation rental website has setup urgent accomodation to help shelter evacuees of the Hurricane Harvey disaster. The accomodation set prices are $0, and also allow people to offer their place for rent for victims of the flood.

For more information,the Federal Emergency Management Agency has recommended that people/donors check the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster for reputable, reliable and trustworthy disaster-relief organizations in Texas.