How To Open New Tab To Next Active Tab In Vivaldi

Vivaldi has been one the best browser since its release, and always has been compared to the big browsers like Chrome and Firefox, even though it is still in a beta phase, giving users high hope that the browser of the future seems to be here already.


It can also not be denied that Vivaldi officials seem to listen to their users via the forum and try as much as they can to apply to each release with each version released, but one of the options user would like to see is the "opening of new tab next to the active tab", as Vivaldi open new tab at the end of the browser making it difficult and stressful looking for a window when  browsing

But to be able to have a window open next to the active window, users can download the Google chrome extensions "Tab Position Options"

This is easy to use, just choose "Right of current tab"


And you should be able to open Vivaldi next to current tab on links