How To Turn Your Laptop Into Touch Screen

A Swedish company, Neonode is introducing a new device called the Air bar that turns non-touch screen to a touch screen in seconds. The touch screen of laptops is a new feature for laptops especially with the latest arrival of Windows 10.


The Airbar is a small plug and play device you can attach to the bottom of your laptop magnetically. When the device is connected to your laptop, it emits beams of invisible light across your screen, making it possible for movements, including poking, pinching, swiping, zooming and scrolling around with your hand, the same way you would with your touchscreen laptop.

The airbar works well even with hand gloves, and works with any PC running Windows 8 and 10, but not yet supporting OSX.

The airbar will go on sale January 2016 and will cost $49. The airbar currently supports 15.6 inch screen laptop.

Watch the video demonstration here: