How To Upload Large SQL Database File To PhpMyAdmin Database

Uploading a large SQL file sometimes is a daunting task, as different website host companies have the limitation of the SQL file that can be uploaded at a time. So if you have a .SQL file of 20MB, and your website host companies wants you to only upload 15MB, this might be stressful, and might waste a lot of hours.


A lot of IT experts are familiar with Bigdump, and you will probably see more of it online. The reason why I prefer the software I am introducing today is because of its GUI interface. While bigdump might be good, you might find yourself not being able to figure it out to upload your database, especially if you are not a tech expert.

To upload .SQL file, no matter its size, all you need to do is download the SQL Dump file splitter program or directly download the .Rar file now

The SQL dump file splitter will help you split the 20MB into different sizes that will be easily exported into your Phpmyadmin.

The interface of the Sql dump file splitter is quite easy to use, all you have to do is follow the steps you see on the GUI interface:

How To Splite Large SQL Databases

1. Choose the SQL file you can't upload

2.You can choose the size of each file that will be split by the app. That means you can have 2000KB by file split, or more, i leave mine as default. You might want to set this if you have a DB around 50MB or more

3. Choose where you would like the splitted folder to be on your computer. That can be a folder on your computer, you can access easily.

4. Click on execute, and see the program perform its magics on your SQL database.

Go to your splitted file, the folder is likely to be called SQLdumpSplitterResult



     SQL Structure after splitted by SQL Dump splitter

The first file you need to upload is the file with _dataStructure.sql. You can check the Readme.txt for more information.

Most of the time, i go from the ground up, and never upload a file twice,,so remain focused while you're uploading your SQL files.

Please note that there is a program called File Splitter, and it is completely different to  the SQL file splitter. I did make the mistake the first time, so don't fall into the same mistake..Use the link provided above...

This can be useful if you are moving your website from localhost to live server, or whenever you are migrating from one website host to a new one

Any problem? Please ask via comment section