I Don't Know Any Security Chiefs, They Were Chosen On Merit

Following the recent appointment of new security chiefs by the Nigerian government. A lot of people have complained that the current administration is selecting people from his zonal region and has proven them right about him being tribalistic. The Igbo community online has said that the current administration had picked someone from the Western and Northern state, but no Igbo person as part of the security chiefs, something that was different in the past administration.


The Buhari administration released a statement yesterday about the recent appointment, he encourages the new security chiefs to do their best as they have been appointed into the position only by merit.

All of you, including the National Security Adviser, were chosen on merit.  Your records gave you the job.  Save for the new Chief of Army Staff whom I briefly met at his Command at the Multi-National Joint Task Force, in Chad, I don’t know any of you.  Your records recommended you.

Legally, you are in acting capacity until the National Assembly accepts you. It is only then that you will take the oath of office.  Thereafter, we will sit down and talk in more detail," President Buhari told the new security chiefs.

The profile of the new security chiefs can be seen here