ISIS Executes 274 Of Its Own Members For Surrendering And Weak In Battle

ISIS has killed 18 fighters of its group after they were accused of texting the Kurdish army on plans to surrender. The group, which is known for killing any of its members that are accused of either betraying the group or are seen as ineffective in an ongoing battle.

The militants killed are mostly Arabs that had joined only when the sect took the town of peshmerga. Since the Kurdish army are gaining control of the area, the militants are now surrendering back to the Kurdish army and more than 10 militants have surrendered.


In December 2014, ISIS had killed more than 200 of its own fighters after they tried running away from the battlefield. Also in January, another 56 ISIS members were killed after they were defeated in a battle in Kober, Northern Iraq. This was after 300 members were killed in peshmerga south of Erbil.