An Italian Village Will Pay You €2,000 To Live In It, And Rent Of Just €50

In an effort to save the town of Bormida, a small town with a population of population 394, the town mayor,  Mayor Daniele Galliano is willing to pay anyone that is willing to move to the town a sum of €2,000, and residents can pay as little as €50 in house rental fee.


The town of Bormida sits 420 metres above sea level in the north-west Liguria region. The youth of the town moved to the nearest city, Savona, and some had gone further to find jobs outside their small town.

The Mayor via his Facebook page, wrote that though the details of the money still need to be ironed out and approved by the local council, but from next year, anyone who transfer their residency to Bormida or rent an apartment in Bormida will be gifted the sum of €2,000, and the town low rent scheme will allow people to be able to rent a place in town for as low as €50, and a spacious space might cost €120.