John Kelly Called Donald Trump "Dishonourable" After Firing James Comey

Former FBI director, James Comey is about to release his highly anticipated forthcoming memoir, A Higher Loyalty, and he had share something he was told by the current White House Chief of staff, John Kelly. 

Comey said that within minutes after he was fired, he received a call from the  head of the Department of Homeland Security at the time, John Kelly, and currently Chief of staff at the White House. According to Comey's account, Kelly said he was "sick" about what had happened, and "intended to quit" in protest of the situation.



Kelly,  “said he didn’t want to work for dishonourable people,” referring to how Comey was fired for looking at the possible collusion of Russia in the 2016 US presidential elections.

Comey now said he advised Kelly to stay in his position, because the president needs people of integrity and principle around him, than his predecessors.

The new revelation by James Comey will probably turn the U.S. President to start another tweetstorm against Comey. Kelly has been on thin ice with General Kelly in the past few weeks, and he February had told Trump he will resign if he needs him to go.

Trump at the other end has said to different aides he feels more comfortable without the Chief of staff around.