Kim Davis Is An Hypocrite And Not A Christian Heroine

The recent news of Kim Davis, a Rowan county clerk was the top headlines a week ago, after she was jailed for disobeying the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), and made a personal decision not to give out marriage licenses because they did not align with her beliefs as a Christian.


Kim puts a lot of gay couples into different emotional & psychological trauma, while she was getting applaud by christian movement outside of the office. Kim Davis was turned into a heroine, while David Ermold,one of the gay couple Kim Davis denied license almost shed tears (See from 11:54 mark), when he said ;


         People are cruel and this is wrong, that is how it is, and that is the bottom line. She is wrong, and this people are cruel to do this to us, and that is how i feel, and i dont know what else to say.

We have waited for years to get married. This is supposed to be a progressive county. This is what we were told, but this is not..

This is pathetic. This how gay people are treated in this country, this is what it is like, this is their experience. This is how it feels.

If nothing comes out of these, i hope people get to understand that this is wrong.

Fast forward few days later, Kim Davis was jailed for not giving marriage licenses to gay couples, and straight couples. She literally stopped the license, and using the power of her office to decide who get married and who they get married to. She said marriage is between a man and a woman, and she will not go against her belief, therefore, gays will not be given the license. Its funny that Kim Davis gives advice on marriage, and the joke is on her person, as a Christian, she had married 4 times, and won't let others marry once. That's really cruel like David said.

She was later released from detention, now this is what the christian leaders stopped thinking about, they just want to put on their suit and hail Kim for an act they believed is bravery, making her feel like Paul the Apostles.ooops, she is Apostolic too, so Kim the Apostle.

Now Doyers, for 5 MInutes, let us all forget about the same-sex marriage thing and think about the next paragraph ;

Do we really want a county clerk to decide who and who get married? Do you know that aside from issuing marriage licenses, a county clerk can decide what deeds or birth certificate are legitimate. Do you really want a county clerk deciding who can take an oath? codes to be enforced or waived, and permits to be issued?

If Kim Davis gets away with this act of her Christian beliefs, and decides not to issue any marriage licenses for gay couple, what happens when Aaliyah Abbas (a muslim sister) is the new county clerk after Kim Davis and also denies alcohol permit for the restaurants or bars, and also fails to renew the contracts of expiring store/bars as it goes against the law of Islam. What is going to happen?

Are we going to protest and call a heroine too. What if Aaliyah decided not to give a marriage license to a couple because the wife is not wearing a hijab while at the county's office and exposing her hair, which is not acceptable in Islam.

what are going to be your responses?

Watch Kim Davis heroic welcome


Let's assume the Rowan county people elects a new clerk, who is a Jew, and because of her beliefs decided not to give alcohol license or food's handler permit because it violates her beliefs, are we going to take this?

Now as a christian, think about this deeply....

What about if Aaliyah Abbas, refuses to issue church license permits for the new church building because they go against her beliefs and what she read in the Quran. Is that the religion we want Americans? or are these the kind of people we wants as county clerk? Kim Davis is trying to create something that might linger on the ordinary citizens in years to come.

 lets all think about the future of what we do now, and don't be too judgmental because the person currently fighting a group is from your religion, think about what happened in the time they leave office.

A lot of Christians always forget that God himself is a merciful God, and not issuing licenses to gay couple does not stop them from being gay, God still loves all his people and he wants them to turn back to him, but even as gay, he won't forsake them. He doesn't and will not send Kim Davis to do his work for him.

In the bible, Mark chapter 12 vs 17 (Yeah people, am a Christian too), when people were asking Jesus about paying tax, read his response...

And He said to them, "Whose likeness and inscription is this?" And they said to Him, "Caesar's." And Jesus said to them, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." And they were amazed at Him.

The issue of giving what belongs to Caesar's is not just only tax, the government is the today's Caesar, and most times they use their power and what they have to overpower their subject. Give what belongs to the government (Caesar) to the government (Caesar). Maybe they are not right, but what can you do? Don't be a Caesar, Kim Davis and use your power to cause trauma to your subject

Even by your own standard, if you conclude that same-sex is wrong in the bible, the best thing you could do is pray and talk with people, not deny them marriage licenses. What you are doing is disobey the supreme court order, and having fun because some pastors that were suppose to call you to order keeps praising you. 

If it inconvenients you that much, the best way to go is leave the $80,000 job, and open a cafe downtown, and you can decide what to do with it. But the Rowan County office is for the people, and they give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar via tax, unless you want to stop gay people from paying tax, thats when you have a say in not issuing them marriage licenses too.         

So you want to be a religious extremist? think about what happens the next time we have a new person with a  different religion perspectives. Do we really need a bureaucrat that will decide what we do, how we marry or who we marry?

This is just like ISIS without a gun or its own group..#Funfact

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