Meet 9 Year Old Developer, She Is Apple's youngest App Developer

Meet Anvitha Vijay, a 9 year old and the youngest App developer from Melbourne, Australia. She created the app, Smartkins Animals, to help her younger sister learn about Animals. She was selected when she applied for the coveted scholarships to attend Apple's annual developer conference.

Vijay also received a shout-out from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, during his Monday keynote address as the youngest developer to attend the Apple's WWDC, and one of the 350 students, often high school and colleges invited to attend the conference for free.


Scholarship winner of the Apple's WWDC gets to meet and mix with app developers, attends coding and programming sessions, and learn from the veterans. 

Vijay started learning app development via YouTube when she was 7, and was motivated to make an app for her sister to help her identify the names of animals, using the apple developer tool, Xcode. Her app has got hundreds of downloads.

When expressing her joy at the Apple WWDC 2016, she said;

It was like a dream to be here and meet so many people," Vijay says. "I've just touched the tip of the iceberg in coding, there's so much to learn.

She is also working on her new app, GoalsHi, to help students gain more confidence in the classroom. She is using the Apple advanced Swift programming language to work on the new app, and she is eager to try Swift Playground, easier version introduced for kids on IPAD at WWDC.

Vijay was confident at the conference and also gave out her business card which had her name on it, and a slogan that says "I want to make a difference in people's lives through technology."

When she was asked about what she would like to e when she grows up, Vijay said she would like to be an innovator, to build things that people will love and benefit from.