Meet Google Chrome Ultimate Alernative, Slimjet, And Why It Is Better Than Google Chrome

Even after the whole privacy issues from Google and much backlash on Google chrome during the Eden Snowden issue, a lot of internet users still prefer to hold on to Google Chrome as their Favourite browser. It is a browser with 64.8% usage, while Mozilla is only 21.1% and internet explorer with 7.1%.

Google chrome is a very fast browser with a very sleeky design and will make your browsing experience worth it, so a lot of users needs to sacrifice other application whenever they are on Chrome, because the Google chrome application will use the whole CPU/Disk space. While a lot of users of complained about it the past, it is been revealed that the price of speedy browser comes at the peril of your system resources, which is understable, unless you have a poor system. 

Google Chrome treats each tab on your browser different, unlike other browsers that does treat them as one, and sometimes you find people of 8gb complaining about how Google Chrome used up the whole disk space and CPU, and sometimes, your Chrome browser will still freeze up.

So after we found an alternative Mozilla Firefox, this is the best Google Chrome alternative browser you will name. It is Slimjet Browser.


Even though we all love good lightning speed and a good environment with a browser that supports all what we are doing online, we also like to take charge of our computer, check a new program or do something else, with less freezing on us. A browser that will not hang up and makes your system so hot, you can cook with the heat coming from the fan.

Slimjet browser is a browser running on the Blink Engine (same engine as Google Chrome), that also speeds up your browsing experience. The good thing about using Slimjet is, you never know you dropped Google Chrome, because the interfaces (UI), settings options, tabs arrangements and many more all looks the same.

Moreover, all Google Chrome extensions work on it on Chrome store, as you can sync your Google Chrome account with Slimjet to automatically start using your history, favourites, bookmarks, passwords, web history and many more.


Look at the tabs opened at the same time, and see the Disk and CPU usage, Google chrome will be on 80%-100% now, sometimes, CPU just stay at 0%

I have ran across different browsers based on Chrome like the Touch, Icedragon and others, and aside from Vivaldi, which came very close to using less system resources, all other Google Based engines just uses the same resources as their parent software.

Slimjet browser doesn't freeze, at least not yet after 2 weeksi have been using it, no freeze/hanging up yet.. When a tab is not used, you can switch to it normally, and it won't be showing you White screen of death, and you need to refresh. With Slimjet, all videos will stop automatically when you switch to another tab automatically, reduces disk usage, and when you switch again, it will automatically start again. Cool Huh!!!!!

If you are a fan of Chrome, but love it so much, but the lagging of your computer is something you worried about, well Slimjet is your best option.

According to their website, Slimjet is:

Fast and Efficient

Secure and Stable

Powerful and Versatile

Flexible and customizable