New Android game on Google Play " Freaking Color"

A new group of young aspiring entrepreneurs in Viet Nam recently released a new brain teasing game on google play store called Freaking color. The game released on the 30th of October displays different colours to players and users have to click on the right colour in 2 seconds before the timer bar runs out.


The Freaking color game might seem so easy at the first start as it shows user picking the right colors and you guess your brains understands the color routine until it all changes again and your brain send a signal of a color but your hands disagrees completely with your fingers. Before you could decide what is right, the timer bar is out.


Playing this game last night, Paul and Anna of Doy News said the game is an interesting game and will do fine with number of downloads because of it's addictive nature.

While speaking to the Eagles team representative in a phone message, they challenged game players to reach 500 beating the developers of the game and the score could be sent to their official email: [email protected],       

Also let us know if you can get to a high score of 500 via the comment section

More Game Screenshots





Download Freaking Color here