New Document Claims The UK Government Is Secretly Working On Breaking Phone Encryption

A new leaked document obtained by the  Open Rights Group has detailed how the UK government is planning to force technology companies to build a backdoor on their products/devices that will allow intelligence agencies gain access, and read people's messages.

The surveillance proposal will allow intelligence agencies spy on one in 10,000 citizens, allowing more than 6,500 to be vulnerable at one time.


The proposal also will let telecommuncations company to provide real-time communication of a customer to the government within one working day.

This will also ban encryption, a security measure that companies like Facebook, and the banks use to provide an extra layer of security from hackers, or eavesdropping. The ban of encryption will give room to not just the government, but a third party person might explore the new loopholes to attack the devices or read messages.

The document though stated that intelligence agencies will only be granted access to get detail about a person or read their messages, after the approval of a judge appointed by the prime minister.

The proposal will also need to be passed through the house of parliament before it can be added to our the law.