New North Korea ICBM Can Now Reach The US Mainland

North Korea new missile, the HWASONG-15 an intercontinental ballistic missile that is capable of reaching the US. Mainland. The latest missile test ordered by the nation's supreme leader, Kim Jong Un has been tagged successful missile launch by the regime.


The latest and the most powerful missile test by the isolated nation is said will not be used to threaten or used by North Korea as long as the country is not invaded by intruders, or its sovereignty threatened.

The device was fired at a lofted trajectory, and it hit an altitude of 4,475 kilometres and flew 950 km in a 53-minute flight.

Watch the video of the North Korea reporter announce to the nation on the successful launch of the missile;


Experts have said that the missile would be able to hit the US if it has flown on a flatter trajectory. According to David Wright, co-director of the global security program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, a non-profit advocacy group,"We don't know what payload it carries so it's not clear it can carry a nuclear warhead to that range. The real question is: how small North Korea has made a nuclear warhead and whether it can carry a warhead like that on the missiles it makes."

The US president, Donald Trump was briefed on the missile launch while it was in the air, and he responded and vowed"to take care of it"

Trump has mocked the North Korea leader in the past, and had always talked about how he would stop the North Korea leader from getting close to having a nuke, and some people in the US after the latest news of the new HWASONG-15 have started to doubt if Trump can keep them safe or if it is all tweets, no actions.