Nigerians In Fear After MMM Crashes

Participants of one of Ponzi scheme, MMM, have been left in a state of panic after they received a message via their page that the money in their account will freeze for one month, and any participants that need money will only be able to receive the money in January.

The MMM according to Wikipedia, is a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by a Russian man, Sergei Mavro, and was launched in November 2015, telling participants that it is a mutual aid fund,and participants can invest and claim 30% profit after 30 days.


Participants were left in shock when they get the message, which means for the 30 days their mavro will be held by the company, No participants can pay or receive money till January 12th 2017, and it is not sure if their mavro will grow.

The participants receive the news 1am on Tuesday, the same time that the Mavro are expected to grow. It is also the time most participants make their withdrawals.

Though some member claimed the same thing happened during last December 2015, and are trying to tell participants to calm down.