No, Your Live As A Black Man Doesn't Really Matter...You Will Die If You Go Against The Law

Sitting down here again, reading the news of how a black man was gunned down by police and feeling sad. How can this police be killing the black youths? Are they annihilating the black men?looking back at the Michael Brown's case, Trayvon Martins and the latest one, Christian Taylor, its breaks my heart, that the land of milk and honey, is a land of bloodbath for young African-American.


What has the black man done to deserve such hatred, why won't the police listened before putting a bullet to the back of Walter Scott? Eric Garner on choke hold, but all these questions only brings a lot of other more questions, then i decided to back up a bit, and decided maybe something might be wrong, some things might be right..

So I have seen a lot of twitter hastags saying #BlackLivesMatters to protest police brutality in the US, and these hashtags are run and used by the African-American in the US, Good job i will say, a good way of protest, but, Hey, listen up, You will die before you get to 25 if you really believe your live really matters as a black man/woman. The truth is nobody cares whether you are black or not, if you want to be a menace to this society, you are a dead on arrival material.

The black community has blamed stereotyping and racism on some attitude by the police personnels in the US, do we have racist cops in the US? 100% we do, just like we have everywhere, we have racist cops/people everywhere, and if you are thinking you can change that, think again. And stereotyping to be sincere might be bad, but come to think of it, it helps us as human being sometimes.

Why would some people prefer not to marry someone from a particular race or from a particular family. We have have ounces of racism within us, look within yourself, and you will find out it is true. Church cannot even save you if you are racist. 

The black community has been playing the race card for so long, but the truth is, this is about to be a game over. The black man had suffered in some period of time, and be used as slaves, and shoutout to Martin Luther King, Malcom X and other people who had fought so much to give the black man the freedom he deserves. 

Some of the things that i think the black community does i feel is wrong in 2015 includes:

Hashtags/Websites/Campaigns: All these Twitter hashtags, unnecessary protests and websites do not help curb police brutality or anything in the black community. A child that lost good parenting, good life and grew up in a bad neighbourhood, is bound to get lost at some point, and not getting back on track, might not end well.

As a black teenager, you all see what is happening in the society, how many of the protests or hashtags have brought back your dead friends? You went to protest and had a standoff with the police, and get yourself arrested again, if not killed.

Killing your friend is what we all go against, but the question is, who is my friend? The press might be wicked and discriminating while reporting, but do you know if you don't have anything against you, nobody will dig dirt up. 

It is embarrassing to see people protest of police brutality, but this same people never complains about black brutality. The African-American man will kill themselves over a corner, they kill themselves because of Air Jordan, they killed Lil Snupe over a game of dice, What did the 9 year old in Ferguson did, oh wait, she was only writing her homeworks, and someone puts a bullet in her chest

Who is killing who? it is easy for the police to quickly dig up dirt against these black men. Look at Christian Taylor, his uncle was saying how cool-headed he was and was focused on his studies and dream of playing pro someday, but the kid was elsewhere trying to get a car out and destroying the property of the owner. 

How cool is that? Is he been cool in the destruction of property? The African-American person are quick to come out and praise the victim of how good he/she, then you see the CCTV of the person and it breaks your heart.

Look at Michael Brown, he just harrassed a shop owner and left without paying his bill, before meeting the police that shot him. Though we don't know what happened, but seeing do some illegal things to survive gave the police the opportuunity to say, "He was probably there". I think its been intuitve and not stereotyping, and African-American should stop playing the racism card, and stop protesting for thugs....

The owner of blackplanet should cover their eyes in shame, see their website description "Worlds largest free African-American online community where Black women and Black men meet to chat, discuss and engage on what matters to us"  Am sure if Facebook was just white only with caption "Worlds largest free whites only online community where white women and white men meet to chat, discuss and engage on what matters to us" their is defintely going to be wailing by the black wailers of how Mark Zuckerberg is...Black community, Hypocrite. You love to do it, but will backlash when they return the favour...."Get out of here mehn"

Using The N-Word: I saw many pranks on Youtube, where i see African-American trying to injure or go rough on pranksters because they used the N-words with them. I am black too, and I have let the past where it belongs. I term N-Word as another English word, because if another African-American can use that word on me, and it is cool, I don't need to kill the guy calling me that, because he is not black.

The N-Word is something we all detest any other race calling us, but it is cool between black people. That kinda sound like big egotism and stupidity. If the word is that bad, let us all stop using it. 

A dude  raised a gun to kill a white kid because he tried using the N-word, while his friend kicked him so hard, he won't let go when they told him it was a prank, he threatened to shoot him...Lol....Jail time I guess

Jails Is Not A Measure Of Strong People: A lot of black people have this very bad orientation that going to jail is a way to prove how macho you are, they congratulate you for going and surviving in prison, and some will even get paid to do time.

They go to jail, only to cause another nuisance, forming gangs and running drug rings from jail. How do you get respect, when all you do is trying to kill anything that is not black, and believing prison is a resting place.


While would another black man celebrate each other when they out of jail? why do you think prison is the next place to prove your loyalty. Think about these, because you will die, if you keep believeing that you must go to jail as a black man. Jail is not a part of your normal life. If you reading this, its not too late.

You can also be the next president of United states, have you ever thought of that, stop singing songs like

 And we keep 'em nine millis on my block, n***a

I been sellin' cr*ck since like the fifth grade

Really never made no difference what the shit made

Jaja taught me flip 'em packs and how to maintain

Get that money back and spend it on the same thing

Shawty like the way that I ball out


B**ch caught a body 'bout a week ago, week ago

F**k with us and then we tweaking, ho

Run up on that nigga, get to squeezing, ho

Have you read the lyrics. Mitch caught a body last week is why we are all dancing? You dumb. Where is Bobby Shmurda? Guess Mitch won't be catching a new body soon.

Inferiority Complex: A lot of blacks are just suffering from what is known as inferiority complex, and this is why they seem not to be moving forward in their own life. The thoughts of the white man better than themselves makes them to be always aggressive and not friendly.

The truth is that people might hate you, but you have 99 problems, don't let someone from another race be 1 of it. There is a lot of power in things you say without using the punch or showing that you have guns.

You are a superior human being, this is who you are, you never choose your skin colour, be proud of it. And the African-American ladies talking about their skin and how beautiful it is should go ahead and take several sits. If the trend was started by some white girls, you all will come outside shouting racists, racists.

Your skin is beautiful, fine, but who cares? It is 2015.

Black Are Racists: The truth is the black community is also full of racists people too. They also hate Caucasian, and even when Harlem shake was out, some people went all out saying all Harlem shake is for the African-American community and the white race should not steal it, or stop dancing to it.

What!!!!! And, that is all cool? I am sure there are many black communities that a white man won't survive if he tries walking down from one point to another, if he is not dead, he will be mugged or harassed. Ohhh!!! that is cool if it is coming from the black, and the black are not racist??? think again.

Snitching: One of the fastest ways to die in the African-American community is if you snitch on another black guy. The police hate is high that people will celebrate you in prison if your crime is killing the popo (police), and more respect if he is white.

So you are not allowed to talk to the police if another black guy kills or rob a store... Get out of here... Stop saying snitching is a bad idea. It is actually good, and snitching will be doing the black community a lot of good. 

If you see someone killing or selling drugs at the corner, go online, Use a VPN, TOR to send emails to the police to hide your identity, and tell the police you don't want to be revealed. Someone selling drugs or killing someone am sure is not that intelligent to figure you out anyway, but just to be safe on both sides. 

Websites like is also great, they will hide your presence on the internet, and it is in Iceland, where US law does not hold, at least for now. Or just use a fake mail, send them a decryption key, then use VPN or Tor to send an encrypted message.

Snitch on people doing the wrongs in the community, put them where they belong because when it is another drive-by tomorrow, your family member might be hit while playing on the street.


The truth is that not all police hates you, not all white people hate you, you have to be free, enjoy your life, you only live once; that should be the motto. Floyd Mayweather is the most paid athlete, do you know how many wanted him to lose against Pacquaio, the media, and a lot of other people, but he doesn't care, he went ahead and claimed the glory. Money blocks your ear against a lot of nonsense.


A lot of cops might be racist, but don't give them what they can use as a defense when you are with them, respect them, answer them politely, use the "Sir" and "Ma"...I am sure it won't remove a cent from your bank account or hurt your feet. Don't always believe they stopped you because you black or asking unnecessary questions because you are African-American. The other black guys they never asked some years back, ended up killing other innocent citizens. They know who we are, and we can only change the perspective when we start to show them that they are wrong.

I understand selling illicit drugs is one of the easiest way to survive, but a survivor is someone that did sell and makes it out alive. But the day you started the sale of illicit drugs in your neighbourhood, you must remember you are destroying the community yourself and you are selfish for ruining some lives, so you can survive. Husbands and wives will use your drugs, and won't be there for their kids, who later will be menace to the society soon.

The police will hunt you down, and in the process might die while on the way to the police station or get shot while running for your life. No sane police officer will come to your school and cuff you, and cuff you in your room while you were resting your head.

If you are reading this brother, it is not too late to get an education. Go to school, don't let someone force you to go to school, learn something, be useful, and be an encouragement to the young ones growing up in your neighbourhood.

If you can't afford school tuition, go online and learn from Khan Academy, Coursera or other free learning website. If you are interested in programming, go to Code Academy, learn and bring something new to the world and the community. You can do it. Just Pause, and think about that for a minute. All these black millionaires without education wish they had some education brother, some are learning low-key.

You can also learn web-design, learn something like websites development and build the next Facebook or small community website with little or no knowledge of coding. Something like Wordpress will help you stay afloat, and you can join websites like, and earn cash every week, might even be better than the illicit drug money your earn brother. Yes...without the gun blazing at your corner.

Drop your bad friends, this will happen itself though, but at the same time, some friends are stubborn, they will talk you out of your new better life. Drop them, and try, raise your head up high, don't join the protests, you don't need to be everywhere. Don't conspire with your friends to wreak havoc, because when the police drop you, Obama can't save you, Al-Sharpton will only get the interviews, and your parents will say how good you are, until the police shows the world your care free life of women, drugs and money, then no pity for you anymore from  lot of people.

You only live once, make it right. Racism is out there, but turn your focus in making something out of nothing. Be great, be awesome, exploit brother

But if you decided you want to live a carefree life, steal, sell drugs around the corners, do some drive-by, or catch a body. You will die soon, and might not even attain 30.

Peace Out