Open Letter: Why you will remain single for a long time.

Decided to write this open letter to all the beautiful ladies out there that are single or the ones in a relationship that might be single soon because you think you have reached the peak of your love life with your soul mate and can't spice things up any longer, this post might sound a little judgmental, maybe it will have a second part for the boys in the future...But I promise to make it an interesting read.

You remain single because of your single friends:  A wise man once told me, to make it in life, you don't walk with losers, you walk with people that are successful or about to be one. So if you are keeping the relationship with let's say 5 girls and the whole five are single or only one is in an off and on relationship, you will stay single or you will soon join the full team if you dating.....Cool . Keep this to yourself, 90% of single ladies that claims, am single and I love my life are not telling you the truth. A lady that breaks up 2 weeks will use that statement often, at that moment it's true because she thinks she is free, after 2 weeks, she is just saying it to compensate herself, it's not right. Wait...let me talk more on this....


Walk in your lane and create your path :Now a lot of people don't know this, they watch a lot of Telemundo (Mexican soap opera) or a Korean romantic film, some people watch a lot of romantic movies or attends single ladies seminar by a relationship counsellor. What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. So what happens in those movies are not entirely true, it's just a fiction.. Do you think when Bruno Mars sings " I will catch a grenade for you" you believe he will catch a stone about to hit your head? Cool... So don't expect the same moves or reactions you see on TV. When you hear an advice or watch a movie, tune those actions to yourself on how making it work for you in your own way.

A lot of girls have a rule so much in their head than the bible and Koran joined together. Example are : On my first date, he must wear a Gucci cap, else I can't go on a second date, He must be able to make me laugh out loud just like Brad Pitt makes Angelina Jolie laugh on Tv. My friend, your single years will be so long if you keep having laws such thoughts, don't let the media or friends deceived you on what to expect on your first date. Just flow with what you have . I won't share my preference so you dont add it to your law, but if i will go out again on a date again, i know just 5 mins when she sits down. It is that easy.I use my instint...Use yours too. Don't keep rules inside your head or use what your friend said..else your single years have just started.

Be a lady on your first date : Maybe just me, but when i go on a date, i love ladies that are calm and not too shy...I also don't like ladies with much adrenaline pumping on our first date like we are old friends having a re-union. Calm down and study your man. A guy ask you, where would you like on a date, some will tell you, Uhmm Gordon Ramsay kitchen. . TThis is so bad especially if you have not been there before, Don't be an opportunist while searching...You don't know if he just wants to have a drink.. You are a glutton, you want to eat first...

I have seen weird faces on real men when they ask a lady out for lunch and they are telling them the most expensive restaurant in town. This are men that can take you there, but they want a more succulent and romantic environment, not for show-offs, but just to know each other...Because such girls go to expensive places to order all items on a menu. At least you just announced to the guy, get my food budget ready if you want to date me. Nobody got the time for will remain single...because you lost a vital point a man looks for in a lady

A Quick Story

I asked a girl where could we meet on our first date, and she said a very expensive restaurant, that is after I said NO to a drinking lounge with $25 for a cup of coffee. I don't want to look so cheap, so I accepted the Chinese restaurant, I have never been there before then, so I was happy to try the Chinese cuisine. I was curious why she was so fast in mentioning this place, and she said she comes there every Friday, so I was like Ohhh, nice, I might need to prepare a new budget(I was saying this in my own thought).

We got down, have a sit, and when the menu was presented, it was in Chinese, I told the guy to get me a nice bottled water, that I was fine, she was like, uhmmm. I like to eat some food; I was like fine...I have my ATM...who cares....So she ordered item 57 and smile, the waiter was like just item 57, she said Yes, that it is all right for I summon the waiter to get item 57 for my new to be girlfriend.

When item 57 arrived, it was a pack of cigarette, CoolCoolCoolCoolCool.. I was  heavy because I was holding back my laugh, an imported Chinese cigarette, I asked again, are you sure this is what you want? She said Yes, that it is item 57, so as a good guy, I help her to light the first stick, and I was looking at how she is fooling herself...she lied, not my type of lady...I asked the waiter, how much is the cigarette he said 12 dollars a piece, but just 5 on the plate now, so as a good man, I said, bring 10 more  for her...she looked at me, I am sure she is saying some words I cannot write online, but it was a good Sunday for me...hahahhahahahaah


I have seen many girls pick expensive places over good discussions; I have lost a lot of girls, because when I tell them, can we meet at a park and just walk and talk. I feel its romantic...but such girls never reply...You think you are single. You will be like that, until you start acting like a LADY..

Too Much preference :  This is so much true. Ask girls who are 17-21 who is her ideal boyfriend.

You : If you will date a boyfriend, tell me your preferences

Girl : I like my  boyfriend to be tall,  6ft, broad shoulder, a car,  good job, especially at the oil rig or a doctor.

And I can tell you the lists will keep going on and on.

Now go again and ask a lady from 21-25.

You: If you will date a boyfriend, tell me your preferences

Lady : I need a man with a kind heart, just a good man.

As  you can see the difference in preferences when a girl turns to a lady.

Go ahead and ask a lady of 26-35

You: If you will date a boyfriend, tell me your preferences

Lady : If you date a boyfriend, tell me your preferences.

Lady : (Now she is having wrinkles and the parents on her neck) I just need a man, a man whom we can both start a family together; I don't care about his nationality or age...if he is matured, and he is ready for marriage.

You can see while you will be single if you still hold on to your dreams or list of preferences you had when you were in your twenties.

I will say this again: 90% of your friends that are single are not enjoying it, they only say it's a good life because no guy is coming forth...Be wise.

Greediness :  A lot of positive energy makes a relationship work. It is not easy ladies and gents. I know this, but some girls don't want this. They want to try the next guy or the guy, who is telling them smooth and romantic words on social media. Some are listening to friends who want you to date their friend. I don't understand why a lady above 20 will be listening to her age mate to date a boy he thinks is good for her. If you are 18 years old, and a friend is telling you to have a new boy she is introducing to you, hhahahaha, that might be the worst decision you will make in a long time. I have seen girls come and go because they want to date the next guy who later will treat them as they are nothing after some few months. Don't try the next guy, work hard to keep your guy if he is very good to you, I repeat....

If your current relationship is working fine, don't try the new guy...tell your friends NO, and let the other suitor know you are in love. In fact, start telling your friends and the boy introduced to you how much you love the guy, how you can catch a grenade for him. Tell him you can follow him anywhere...say things that are sweet...He will never disturb you again, because he will be so jealous—


Word on the marble.


Make Moves : I have heard a lot of stories where a girl will see a single guy, and we tell me how much she wished the guy could ask her out for a date. I always say the same thing, why don't you ask him out first...I know some of the ladies will tell you, that is ridiculous? No, it is not if it makes you happy. However, at the same time be matured while you do it, make sure the guy is matured too. A boy will go on twitter and announce to the whole world; a man will be happy and take it up from there into a relationship. I was once a boy myself...That was a lengthy story though and very long time....

Sometimes making move is the best thing, you don't have to talk... Because a guy is on rolex and gucci does not mean he is man enough  to ask a lady out, some guys out there do have fear in them, but a simple move will make him shaking to the thigh and be like.

uhm uhm uhm...can can can ...sorry i am David...i li li live downtown...yes yes yes...can we go to the mo mo mo movies....

Hahaha....I have been there like I said before, I got my chance later and took ladies help the boy to be a man, if you make a boy to be a man, such love are always confident you like it, because you are the first lady, and he want it to be special... like I said make sure whoever you're dealing with is not a boy(dunce), make the move to a boy; you can talk to a man...different clear on that paragraph. If you're smart, am certain you pick my point on that paragraph...its kind of a complicated read. Cool

Relationship is a good thing when you find the right one, don't cheat on your yourself. It's not easy for single mums. When they write single mum and loving it. Please never wish for such love. It is so bad. They don't like it too, they just say those things to be happy with themselves...It is so hard. When I mean so might not be financially, but a lot of things she suffered inside she will never tell you. Don't think because she looks good on Facebook or instagram, she likes it.

Stay positive, be careful of your fake friends, love your boyfriend, and if you don't have one before now...Check what I have told you.hihihi...I am not the best counselor, but you can learn from me because I know what am saying...Subscribe to this website if you like this...You will be the first to receive the part 2 if it comes up soon...Also boys will know why they are still single until now.


Share this post on your social media and always love one another ..... You can agree or disagree with me via a comment below...I will explain and engage you....For Doy News, Patrick Wright.