Popular Russian Journalist Stabbed In the Neck At The Ekho Moskvy radio station

Prominent Russian journalist, Tatyana Felgenhauer was stabbed in the neck with a knife by an unidentified man that stormed into the Ekho Moskvy radio station.

Tatyana was rushed to the hospital, and currently in a stable condition, according to the station’s chief editor, Alexey Venediktov. The assailant was then apprehended by the security guard at the station and handed over to the police.

Tabloids report that two assailants sprayed gas on the security guard at the radio station, and later went to the recording floor via the elevator to stab the journalist.

Police are now investigating the possibility that the attack was due to a "personal conflict" while a psychiatrist will also evaluate the attacker, who was reported to be behaving strangely after he was detained.

Tatyana Felgenhauer is the station’s deputy chief editor, and had worked for the station since 2005. She leads a popular program, “Minority Report” and the morning show “U-Turn.”