Powerful Explosion Detected In North Korea Is Hydrogen Bomb

North Korea once again is not backing out on its development of its missile test, after the country tested its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on early Sunday. The country has also called the latest test a "perfect success" of unprecedented "strength"

The US Geological Survey recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 0.0 km, and indicator that Kim Jong Un military might have conducted a nuclear test.


The bomb that was tested by the North is more powerful than the bombs the US drops on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the impact of the test was felt both in the North and South Korea. The Hydrogen bombs tested are more powerful than atomic bombs, and even though analysts have been sceptical of the claims by North Korea of having a hydrogen bomb, the blast that was heard today was more powerful than anything the North had previously detonated.

Speaking after the missile test, Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to respond, writing;


South Korea President Moon Jae-in during the campaign has said he is looking to talk North Korea instead of going to war with its neighbours as much of the South Korea population is within the range of North Korea artillery.

And also responding to Trump's comment on "appeasement," President Moon Jae-In office said that it is working with Washington to exert “maximum sanctions and pressure.” And also make its stance known that the reason for the sanctions is only to bring North Korea to the negotiating table again.

The tremor received in South Korea resulted in the South’s National Fire Agency, which operates an emergency hotline, that it received around 31 phone calls from people that reported about ground and building shakings.

World leaders have condemned the latest missile test by North Korea. The Russian Foreign Ministry in Europe said that the rogue state "deserves absolute condemnation." The office of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron of France both released a statement that said "the most recent provocation from Pyongyang reaches a new dimension."