President Pinocchio? Trump Made 1,950 False And Misleading Claims In 347 Days

When the United States citizens look to their president, they see a truthful, upstanding, role model and powerful person occupying the 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue. They expect a great level of morals from both the president and everybody surrounding the president.

Though, there might be sometimes that the president of the US will have to make compromise over their promises during campaigns, this might be from the situation above their powers, bargaining out of their reach, but they try to stay on track of their responsibility and high ground morality.


This seems to not be the norm since the election of Donald Trump in November 2016. The US President has made over 1, 950 falsehood and misleading information, which means an average of 5.6 claims a day in 347 days he assume office.

President Trump is someone that likes repeating his claims, example was his 30mins impromptu interview with New York Times at his Mar-la-go residence, where he made 24 false and misleading claims, as those claims have already been fact-checked.


President Trump is obviously not a fan of former President Obama or his Obamacare initiatives, and since the campaign has promised his voters to repeal and replace Obamacare, and had since repeated claims that the Obamacare is dead, but according to the Congressional Budget Office, the Obamacare mandate is still on, and not imploding as claimed by President Trump. 

The office said that the mandate remains stable, and might remain for the foreseeable future. The CBO said that the enrollment for the upcoming year has also surprised health experts.

Tax Cut 

The recent big win for the Trump presidency was the tax cut, after it survived the push through Congress. Since the bill for the new tax plan was announced, Trump has touted that it is the biggest tax cut ever in US history. Trump has now repeated this claim 53 times.

The treasury department has claimed that the new tax plan will rank as the eighth, and he has also claimed 25 times that the United States pay the highest corporate tax, and also said 33 times that the United States is the highest tax-nations. The claims are misleading, and not true.

Unemployment Rate

A lot of Trump supporters have hailed the President for the lowest unemployment rate in decades, but was it? During the campaign, Trump said that the statistics released by the official is phony, and the US unemployment rate is actually 42%.

Since he was elected, he had now claimed that the 4.6% unemployment rate was his doing, but the fact is the unemployment rate was already low before Trump was elected. He had not corrected his misleading comment, and instead continues to enjoy the praise from his supporters.

Stock Market

Trump has touted and celebrated the rise in the stock market, and Fox news, his favourite media house have also done a great job stroking the ego of the president with the stock market rise. Trump once again has attributed the rise to his presidency, and claimed the success of the stock market 85 times.

During the Trump campaigns, he had said that the rise in the stock market at the time was only a "bubble" that will crash once the Federal Reserves starts raising interest rates, but the Federal reserves since the election has raised it three times, but the stock market did not plunge . The rise in stock market has started rising since the former President Obama presidency in 2009.

The rise in stock market is because of the global rise in equities. The US stock market is not the only one on the rise, but also their foreign counterparts have enjoyed the same rise.